What happened on 1/6/07

Following is the email I sent to the Chief Secretary with copies to Lokayukta etc at 6.30 pm on 1/6/07. My husband has been repeatedly informing that his posting to a closed company was done with criminal intention. The following shows to what extent a Chief Secretary goes to protect the corrupt . WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS THE FACT THAT MY HUSBAND HAD UNEARTHED MAJOR SWINDLING OF MONEY AND OTHER MALPRACTICES AND REPORTED THEM ONLY ON 28/5/07. AS ALWAYS HAPPENED IN THE PAST INSTEAD OF TRANSFERRING IMMEDIATELY HE WAS PREVENTED FROM ENTERING THE OFFICE BY NONE OTHER THAN THE CHIEF SECRETARY HIMSELF. It is no wonder that Karnataka is the fourth most corrupt state in the country. I had harrowing time as Chief Secretary's office lied to me about my husband's whereabouts. Read on my letter to the shameless Chief Secretary.

Sri PB Mahishi,
Chief Secretary

I have been trying to find out where my husband is since 5 pm as I could not reach him on his mobile. The last time he spoke to me was when he told me that he has not been allowed to enter Mysore Lamps and he asked me to speak to both the Chief Secretary and the Principal secretary , Industries Department. I tried to speak to both but could not cross their PAs.I repeatedly spoke to the PS to Chief Secretary to know whether my husband is safe and to know what arrangements have been made for his safety. At 6 pm the PS informed me that my husband is in Yeshawanthpur Police station and the PS gave Police Station phone number. When I spoke I was told that he did not come to the police station at all.The PS lied to me when he said my husband is there in the police station. Finally I got relieved when I got message from the ex-workers of Mysore Lamps that they themselves had made arrangements for my husband's safety.

My husband has not been given any security, vehicle, phone and finally he is not allowed to enter Mysore Lamps. This clearly shows that Chief Secretary is conspiring to harm my husband. This was also evident when he repeatedly threatened my husband on 23/5/07 not to investigate. He refused to discuss corruption issues raised by my husband or me.
If Chief Secretary who refuses to discuss serious corruption also refuses to talk to my husband when he was not allowed to enter the company for which he was posted as full time MD, it can only mean that the Chief Secretary is bent on harming my husband. I am posting this mail in my website

My husband has given all details as to what happened at Mysore Lamps since he took charge as MD at

It is unfortunate that a Chief Secretary does not care about the life of a person just because he is honest.

Jayashree JN w/o MN Vijayakumar,IAS

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