4 8 07 Email

Email sent on 4/8/07 to Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department by my husband



Dear Sir,

Please refer to my communications dated 28/7/07, 29/7/07, 2/8/07. You who showed abnormally fast response in getting my reposting order (in fact it moved more than 10 tables in less than 8 hours time), did not care to respond to any of my communications in spite of threats to my wife and me. and even after seven days and two reminders (this is the third reminder)

You never bothered to make arrangements to at least instruct concerned regarding various issues raised by me in my communications sent so far and you never bothered to at least send some reply

Now at least I want you to instruct the concerned to make arrangements for my safety. Please instruct the concerned to make arrangements for my transport at 6.15 am on 6/8/07.You know my residential address: No 96, First Floor, RBH Road,KG Nagar, Bangalore 560 019.

.I have booked the ticket in the name MNV Kumar

Also please instruct the concerned to pick me up at the Belagaum airport at 10 am on 6/8/07 without fail.
Flight details: Air Deccan DN - 205, Departure Bangalore 8.30 am,
arrival Belgaum 10.00 am Ticket No. 3692182

Also instruct the concerned to make necessary arrangement for my safety in respect of everything.

As for as other things are concerned , I will be acting as I had indicated in my communication dated 1/7/07

My wife has been already directly threatened on 28/3/07 to withdraw all RTI appications filed by her and also withdraw her complaint filed against the Chief Secretary with the Lokayukta. This has put my wife under such horrible tension that she has to be not only thinking about my safety in Belagaum but that of our son and herself all the time

I also request you to communicate the concerned that the person who has been asked to take care of me finally has his name ending with the letter Y. In fact the threats have increased so much that, my wife was to be hospitalised when I informed her that I would be going to Belagaum as she is fully aware of the fatal threats She is going through a sterssful time that she totally forgot that she had more than 10 appeals posted for hearing by the Information Commission on 3/8/07. All the appeals dealt with exposing corrupt practices by none other than the Chief Secretay and shielding the corrupt.

Her fear is that when she was directly threatened on 28/3/07 , the harassment and humiliation to me were too many to describe now, but this time the threat is more serious because of the Chief Secretary directly threatening me on 23/5/07 that too in my wife's presence and conveying in clear terms that he supports only the corrupt and shields (encourages) the corrupt

I know that you are willingly acting as per the wishes of your corrupt bosses (in spite of knowing all these things) and that you dont care as to what happens to me or my family.But I dont want any of those who actvely or passively harmed me to escape from the clutches of law.

Sri Mahishi and his group of corrupt people planned to send me to Belagaum so that, I would not be able to pursue my complaints filed with the Lokayukta , as I have to be careful every moment about my life and all the time being worried about my wife and son in Bangalore certainly helps Sri Mahishi and his corrupt group to plan even worse things for me. I dont have to eloborate what is in store for my wife and son at Bangalore, because you also dont care.

By posting me at Belagaum , Sri Mahishi deliberately has increased threats to my wife and son at Bangalore and to me at Belagaum, and you have happily supported it by accepting my deputation without raising a single issue.

The insistance of the DPAR to report at Belagaum( and you more than willingly supporting it ) , has not left anything to be imagined and that's why I was forced to write to the President.Your going out of the way to please the Chief Secretary without even raising a single doubt (as seen from your notings in the information collected under the RTI Act) also makes clear your intention. These are the worst possible criminal plans ever made by any group of corrupt officers and it is better that every one comes to know about it at the earliest before further harm is done to us.It is unfortunate that you have also joined them for whatever personal gain you might have been promised with.

I know the easy way out of the present situation is to convey to the Chief Secretary through you that I will henceforth keep quiet about corruption as you presently do. You have conveyed me this message by not responding to even a single communication sent by me to you. But this I will not do.and you will be shortly seeing what I mean by this.

Every person who has spoken to us about the threats were surprised at the fact that how Sri Mahishi fails to act positively but acts immediately to cause us more harm and this leaves with only one interpreation that he is presently the mastermind of threats and he only appears to know when he is going to make arrangements for harming us. It is this which has allowed him to reccommend my transfer to Belagaum after complaint was filed by me with the Lokayukta.

But I have decided to go to Belagaum and report and work only as long as I feel safe, but the moment , my family or I are seriously threatned in whatever manner and in which ever place, I will be moving to such a place where My family and I feel safe and I will not be informing you.

Most of the damages which could have been prevented by you, you chose not to do so.Most of my well-wishers have told me not to be surprised if Sri AKM Nayak also keeps quiet but follows illegal orders or joins the league of the corrupt.According to my well-wishers, only those criminally thinking can keep quiet even when the seventh transfer order is issued in less than 9 months period.

I have always informed in writing to the Chief Secretary, I (or any of my family ) dont want to be killed because some corrupt people to shield themselves, want it to happen with the willing assistance of officers like you.

As long as officers like you who close eyes to injustices are there, Karnataka will continue to sink more and more, but I dont want to keep quiet just because you are afraid to raise voice for whatever reason..

I dont know how you justified your conscience the issuing of 7 transfer orders in less than 9 months period as correct and all because each time , I refused to become corrupt.

I am leaving my wife with my son , in Bangalore when she is under tremendous stress and having health problems, and in spite of real fatal threats to me at Belagaum ( remember the diamond ring which you might not have bothered to inform the concerned as you yourself would have to first implicate Sri Mahishi)

I am putting on record all these things so that you also will have to be held personally responsible if any thing bad happens to me or my family. This is because, I am fully aware that if I had been corrupt, you would have by now come out with an ingeneous method to retain me in Bangalore based on your very long experience in the DPAR, on the other hand if you wanted to help me (as I am now)you could have given many , many precedences, but you have decided against it.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
MN Vijayakumar
Sri AKM Nayak, IAS
Principal Secretary (Water Resources Department)
Copy to
1. H.E. the Governor of Karnataka2. Hon'ble Lokayukta, Karnataka3. Chief Information Commissioner,
4. Smt JN Jayashree

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