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Sri P.B.Mahishi does not want to give details of his assets when asked under RTI Act. His Service Rules requires that he should work with absolute integrity at all times, As Lokayukta has observed he is hiding something http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com/oct5

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Sri. P.B.Mahishi addresses Vijaykumar as MD, Mysore Lamps on 24/5/07 but publicly denies that he is the MD in the first week of June 07. Chief Secretary changed his stand when he came to know about the corrupt practices in Mysore Lamps exposed by Sri. Vijayakumar.

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This is the factual report sent by DPAR Department on the instructions of the Chief Secretary when His Excellency, the Governor called for the same regarding frequent transfers of Vijayakumar. The Report is fully distorted and is totally silent about the harassment meted out to Vijayakumar from 24/2/07 to the date of report. Compare this with my letter to Government of India about distortion and suppression of facts http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com/goisept9

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Even without bothering about the fact that salary cannot be paid by the Mysore Lamps, Vijayakumar was posted by DPAR as MD. This letter also admits that Vijayakumar was continously informing the Government but no action was taken even on a single letter for more than three months. The salary for that period has not yet been paid.

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Complaint filed by Vijyakumar with the Hon'ble Lokayukta listing 35 documents. After Vijayakumar filed the compaint, he was shifted to Belgaum to prevent him from pursuing his case filed against Sri. P.B.Mahishi with the Lokayukta.

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Letter sent by Vijayakumar to Chief Secretary clearly bringing out the drama played by the DPAR as they were afraid that the transparency measures taken by Vijjayakumr would expose them later. The Circular issued by Vijayakumar as Regional Commissioner, Bangalore( regcir1.jpg to 3.jpg) clearly brings out the legal basis on which the circulars have been issued. This fact has been distorted in the so called factual report with a fear that it would expose senior officers more. What they want to hide is a question that everybody should ask.See details at http://bngregcommr.freespaces.com/

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This letter brings out the fact that DPAR has violated Government's Notification requiring Regional Commissioners to work under the control of Principal Secretary Grade officer. Vijayakumar raised legal issues arising out of this blunder created by DPAR a early as in September 2006 and repeated many times later. All these have been suppressed in the reports given to the Governor and Government of India.

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Information given by DPAR on the direction of Chief Secretary stating that corruption is a routine function of the Chief Secretary and no information exists on corruption!! Information sought was action taken by the Chief Secretary on the issue of corruption made by H.E. the Governor.My petition to H.E.the Governor gives more details http://jayashree.wikidot.com/govletter

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Secretary, Water Resouces recommends to DPAR to take back the services of Vijyakumar as threat to his life hampers his functioning . No action is taken by DPAR as us eveudebt fin wr4sep.jpg in which the Minister ordered Water Resources Department itself to take action if DPAR fails to do so before 10//9/07. It is to be noted that Vijyakumar had
indicated that corrupt practices in CADA would be put on notice Board of all CADA offices starting from 11/9/07. http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com/cadasep11

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Letter of Vijayakumar to Chief Secretary clearly bringing out shielding of the corrupt by the Chief Secretary.

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This contains a summary of harassment meted out to Vijayakumar from September 2006 to June 2007, each time to shield some corrupt officer.

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K.M.Shivakumar, Principal Secretary, C&I Department in his letter to Chief Secretary agrees with Vijayakumar's complaints against DPAR.for having him posted as MD, Mysore Lamps.All details are available at http://nomyslamps.wikidot.com/

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Complaint filed by Smt.Jayashree before the Karnataka Information Commission clearly brings out how if file numbers are given, files are made to disappear or fabricated records are given. This is the main reason why Vijayakumar has not given details of files of all the cases except one even to the Lokayukta.
14 candi 17 apr md.jpg , candi 16 may md dpar 30 mar md

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