Observing International Anti corruption Day

From 6/12/08
Jayashree Jn
w/o M.N. Vijayakumar, IAS
Member, Karnataka Appellate Tribunal,
MS Bilding, Bangalore.

The Secretary,
IAS Officers' Association, Karnataka,
No 1, Infantry Road, Bangalore.

Sub: Request to observe International Anti-Corruption Day on 9/12/08

I am Jayashree JN , wife of MN Vijayakumar, IAS. I had written to the IAS Officers Association of Karnataka to observe Vigilance Week.It is unfortunate that IAS Officers who celebrated Deepavali did not feel like observing the Vigilance Day

I am reproducing below a letter received by me from Chief of Communication and Advocacy,United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime regarding observing International Anti-corruption Day.

I see so many IAS Officers rushing to celebrate different types of International Days. But it is unfortunate that International Anti-corruption Day is not observed by any office including the Lokayukta in Karnataka. That too when Karnataka is getting branded as one of the most corrupt states in the country

I do not have to remind the IAS Officers' Association that it can not shirk its responsibility

I am also putting this letter on my website http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com.

I request you to inform me how the Anti-Corruption Day was observed so that it can be made known to all

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Jayashree JN

Copy to

Hon'ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta,Karnataka, MS Building , Vidhana Soudha with a request to make similar appeal to the IAS Association

Sri Sudhakar Rao,IAS, Chief Secretary, Governme4nt of Karnataka, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore for information

Letter received from Chief of Communication and Advocacy,United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime regarding observing International Anti-corruption Day

Dear Partners,

Every year, UNODC commemorates 9 December – the International
Anti-Corruption Day - with a campaign and a series of events aimed at
raising awareness of the major problem that corruption represents to

The international campaign "Corruption. Your 'No' Counts" supports a
positive and pro-active stance against corruption. Saying no makes a
difference in fighting this crime that undermines democracy and weakens the
rule of law. Every ‘no’ counts.

Considering your organization is also well-positioned to send out a strong
message against corruption, we would like invite you to join with us in
campaigning against corruption through:

Organizing outreach, press or institutional events on 9 December
Using the campaign slogan and logo in promotional products
Reporting on 9 December in your newsletters and materials
Posting the “your no counts” web banner on your site and linking to
Sending out a message to your own networks and contacts encouraging
them to join the fight against corruption and to mark the
international day against corruption

Further information and materials to support these efforts can be
downloaded from the “Anti-corruption website” at:
www.unodc.org/yournocounts. We would be delighted to hear how your
organization is marking international anti-corruption day on 9 December.
We would also be happy to link to your site and, if possible, report on
your 9 December activities.

Yours sincerely,

Alun Jones
Chief of Communication and Advocacy
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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