My husband's Aug 10,09 letter to the CS and the Lokayukta

Vijayakumar MN, IAS 10 August, 2009
Transferred without being shown any posting.
Address for correspondence: ######
Sub: 1. Some actions that must be taken in the KAT in the larger public interest to make it independent of Land Mafia.
2. Request to release this letter to all major newspapers in the country in public interest.

Ref: 1.My various letters to the Chief Secretary sent since October 2008
2. My various Notes to the KAT

I have kept you continuously informed about my efforts to improve the functioning of the KAT by sending letters mentioned at Ref 1. In addition to marking copies of those letters, I have sent many notes to the KAT (ref 2). These letters and notes also contained the harassments, humiliations, threats and obstacles faced by me while discharging my role as a Principal Secretary Grade officer that too without being given facilities needed and repeatedly sought by me in writing..

In spite of all these I tried to do many things. Some of these are contained in the judgments written by me (and of course signed by the District Judge Member).. I am reproducing an extract from one such judgment below:

The Revenue Member has been repeatedly requesting the KAT to take measures u/s 10 of the KAT Act… The Registrar, KAT must examine all Judgments in which procedural and other lapses have been noticed to prescribe suitable comprehensive checklist and Guidelines for this Tribunal and for other Authorities coming under its purview…The Registrar, KAT is also directed to take necessary action to get this Judgment published in recognized Law Journals so that the importance of Section 10 of the KAT Act, 1976 in setting right procedural irregularities is made known to all concerned.

I do not think you would be surprised that the simple looking direction given above has the potential to save a few hundreds of crores of rupees going illegally into the hands of the Land Mafia I have already informed you how by just not asking the husband’s name and profession many Government Servants wives (including IAS officers) have purchased agricultural land and sold them as residential and commercial plots. I have informed you a case in which a retired Chief Secretary’s wife purchased crores of worth land showing only Rs 15,000 INCOME PER YEAR. The entire land mafia is in control. My raid of a private house, when I was Regional Commissioner, Bangalore in which Revenue Department’s orders were being written was repeatedly brought to the notice of the Chairman, KAT but did not make any impact. I was allowed to function for less than 20 days as Regional commissioner. I was transferred immediately within less than 24 hours after I got the house raided and video graphed the raid. The increased harassments I faced after I sent a note to the Judicial Members of the Special Bench and the Chairman, KAT about certain serious things known but suppressed regarding Hotel Atria and other cases appear to be part of the scheme to get rid of me out of the KAT to help the Land Mafia. This was achieved by making the working condition so unbearable that I was mentally so tortured that I could not apply my mind and had to finally admit that I could no longer tolerate the mental torture. It was not at all difficult for you to ask the KAT to provide me with one assistant and a notebook computer. Even KAT could have acted on its own based on your illegal upgradation order . But the power of the Land Mafia is so much .I have passed orders against those land mafia who in the guise of promoting Raja Yoga had given crores of Rupees money to very poor agriculturists but the terms of repayments were so drafted that they had full control about the land including selling them as sites. I have passed orders against land mafia who by making an eligible person to buy land draft the conditions in such a manner they got the control of it the very day of purchase. My Bench has passed orders directing money to be recovered from a very senior IAS officer. My Bench has also passed an order against another IAS officer for literally giving Government land to another Government Servant (He later became a Secretary in the DPAR)

I am writing all these (in particular Hotel Atria) as there is suppression of evidence by threatening officials- in fact I have stated in my note to the KAT that if a Principal Secretary Grade officer like me could be so much continuously harassed, humiliated, threatened and denied facilities to please the Land Mafia, what would be the fate of a very low level official. I was also getting some information about why certain documents were not found in the State Archives. Why certain corruption related files are destroyed and no trace is left in the State Archives. I have brought these to your knowledge. The reluctance of the Chairman, KAT and his total resistance to suggestions made by me since October 2008 indicate that the real reason behind my transfer is totally different. If you wanted things to be made legal, it would not have taken you any time. I had even suggested you how to make the posting of a Principal Secretary Grade officer as a Member legal. But you wanted to favor the land mafia so that any order affecting them, they could get it quashed on the ground that my appointment itself was not legal.

These are all reflected in your selection of my successor (against both AIS (Cadre) Rules and the KAT Act itself) whose capacity to make judgments is very well known to at least all among the IAS officers and I had several occasions to see him functioning. These hurried instructions given to him to report at the KAT even when I was not given a copy of the transfer order confirms it further. It also tells why I have not been given any posting order.

As taking action to curb such serious corrupt practices would finally help the poorest, I request permission of the Government to release this letter to all major newspapers in the country.

With Yours

Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS
Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka,
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

Copy to
Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Karnataka, MS Building, Bangalore

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