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14. Lokayukta 1. JPG ang 2.JPG
Lokayukta's Letter t
o MN Vijayakumar appreciating his filing assets (both moveable and immoveable)

15. PAC Cover.JPG and PACforeword.JPG-
Report prepared by PAC, Bangalore based on Sri Vijaykumar's report to Government to prevent misuse of funds and improve quality

16. ASCI 1.JPG to 6.JPG :
First ever effort to give info to public through Computerised Booth when no one was talking about RTI Act

17. IGRCover.JPG and IGRphoto.JPG
Vijaykumar's report on computerisation of Registration Department containinng photographing registration- Now photography is in force and can be used to detect benami transactions

18. Palm 1.JPG and 2.JPG -
how a simple leaflet given to each household improved the quality of work and also reducing misuse of funds. But the site containing more details made not operational by those who did not like transparency. Only the home page with the slogan :
is visible today

19. griev.JPG
clearly shows how grivance meeting could be used to curb corruption. Detailed instructionsused while he chaired grivances meeting is shown.

20. Pic 2057.jpg
A short note on the Computerised Information Booth set up in Dharwad and a few reactions from Ministers, etc

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