My letter to the Chairman Bar council of Karnataka

Jayashree JN, 25 /9/ 2009
**, Bangalore 560 *

Dear Sir,

I started a website ( to protect my whistleblower husband (MN Vijayakumar, an IAS officer from Karnataka with more than 28 years of Service) from physically harmed by some corrupt IAS officers. The website has details of corrupt activities mainly of Chief Secretaries. The Transparency International has observed my approach to tackle high-level corruption as very powerful in its report Anti-Corruption 2.0: What’s your say on corruption published on 31/7/09. UNDP in its Report: Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives released on 12/6/08 at Page 133 has mentioned about my efforts.

It is very heartening to read that the Bar Association of Karnataka has taken a decision that all judges must disclose their assets. Already all Supreme Court Judges and all Judges of some states have also agreed to put the information about their assets on the website of respective Courts. As the Central Administrative Tribunal has retired Judges as Members and as Advocates appear before them, all the Tribunal Members also would have to be asked to disclose their assets. Unfortunately RTI applications filed in Karnataka reveal that Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS, Chief Secretary, did not allow information about assets of IAS officers to be disclosed voluntarily as requested by the Karnataka, Lokayukta. It is unfortunate that such an officer is going to be a member of the Central Administrative Tribunal. My husband who is also an IAS officer was the first to disclose the details of his assets to be given to public as early as on 30/8/06.

I am enclosing a complaint given by me to H.E. the President of India against Sri Sudhakar Rao. I request the Bar Association of Karnataka to take initiative insisting that all Members and very senior officers of any Statutory Authority before whom the Advocates appear must disclose information about their assets in their respective websites.

For safety reasons I request you to keep my address confidential.

With Regards Yours Sincerely,

Jayashree JN
Sri Sadashiva Reddy,
Chairman , Karnataka State Bar Council,
Old K. G. I. D. Building, Bangalore - 560 001.

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