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Fate of whistle blowers

Many Whistle blowers lost their lives but their near and dear ones were mostly kept under dark. Most of them who lost life were young and unmarried. But what should a wife do when she comes to know that her husband is under threat for fighting against the mighty corrupt. Most of them would do the same thing I am doing if they want their husbands to continue their fight - that is take up independently the same issues he is fighting for in public interest

Ever since he joined the service, my husband is fighting against corrupt practices. The fact that he opted to resign from service than tolerate the corrupt practices of his senior officer in mid 80’s, may give an idea about the depth of his concern. He had suggested in the early 90’s to the State Administrative Reforms Commission to introduce something like Whistle Blowers Act. Any officer who persists in opposing corrupt practices for 25 years has to have many troubled periods and my husband’s case is no exception. There are handful of officers who have prevented corruption before it could happen. Unfortunately, the achievements of all such officers get buried in their Annual Confidential Reports, which most of the time is never used for any good purpose. They do not seek any publicity either. While officer’s effort to prevent corrupt practices are hardly appreciated, as he moves up in the bureaucratic ladder, his efforts are actually hated, as is evident from what happened to my husband. Whenever my husband has reported and prevented corrupt practices in the past, the results were mixed but never were his efforts totally ignored.

The recent reporting by my husband of corrupt practices of senior officers was totally ignored by the head of the Bureaucracy. This has resulted in harassment and threats and hence this website. My husband has made many reports with evidence to the Government about serious corrupt practices. I decided to get involved now itself than after some untoward incident happens. It is to be stressed here that the close family members of the whistle blowers who lost life, had no idea of the issues and persons against whom the whistle blowers were fighting. I have already got information under the Right to Information Act and established the fact that my husband is harassed for exposing the corrupt practices. Further I have also lodged complaint with the Lokayukta to take up investigations on the corrupt practices reported many times to the Government. As no support is forthcoming from the head of the bureaucracy, I have decided to take up independently my husband's fight through the creation of this website to get support from like-minded people by exposing serious lapses using the RTI Act .

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing

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