Complaint against Sri Sudhakar Rao filed with CBI on 31/10/08

Jayashree J.N
C/O M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS
Member, Karnataka Appellate Tribunal

The Director, CBI
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003

Sub: Complaint against Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS Chief Secretary to Government of


I am Jayashree married to Sri M.N.Vijayakumar a 1981 batch IAS Principal Secretary Grade officer of Karnataka Cadre. My husband has many enemies because of his stand and actions against corruption. Since October 2006 I have used RTI to protect my husband and also expose corrupt practices of senior IAS officers. My website gives
details of these harassments. But my husband has not stopped fighting corruption can be seen in the attached letter (CS Sept 20 1 to 3.jpg) which I have taken under the RTI Act. It may be noted that quiet a good amount of money looted in the name of farmers is given by Government of India

My husband who survived three attempts on his life in Belgaum on the advise of the Police Officer in charge of his security in Belgaum addressed a letter to the Director, CBI through the Chief Secretary of Karnataka in May 2008 itself AS no one has contacted us it appears the Chief Secretary has not sent this letter to the CBI at all and it is also expected as no one would want to initiate action against himself.

In February 2008, when I sought an appointment with the Chief Secretary, he did not respond till I filed an application under the RTI Act. Even when he knew that I would be attending the Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award in New Delhi on March 28, 2008, he gave me appointment on that day. My husband was a finalist for receiving the Award, but the Chief Secretary prevented him from even attending the function leave alone receiving the Award. Against this I gave a representation to the President of India and my representation has been forwarded to the Home Ministry

When I tried to get an appointment later from the Chief Secretary later, he made his office send a written message to the effect that even honest officers who worked with my husband earlier would be affected. If the Chief Secretary does not hesitate to harm other honest officers, I knew what would happen to my husband who already survived three attempts on his life. I decided to keep quiet after making a request to the Governor of Karnataka to keep my husband under suspension to save his life. All these have been widely reported in the media through out the country.

One Sri SM, who informed me that he is an SP Grade officer in the CBI had visited the house in which I was staying with my son a few times from March 2007 to April 2008. He used to send his subordinate staff for my security whenever I used to attend hearings in the Karnataka information Commission. In April 2008 I gave him copies of many documents I had taken under the RTI Act

I would like the CBI to investigate into the harassment (including attempts on his life while under Police protection) my husband is subjected to since June 2006 till today so that corrupt officers do not triumph. Regarding the looting of money by officers protected by the present Chief Secretary, I am filing a complaint with the Karnataka Lokayukta. The information I obtained under the RTI Act revealed that my husband had continuously kept the Lokayukta informed in writing since June 2006. I am attaching a copy of the complaint I am going to give to the Lokayukta today against Sri Sudhakar Rao, for his mal-administration (Comp CS LOK.doc) This gives details of offices in which relevant materials can be found.
Because of our bad experiences, I am not giving my residential address but it is not difficult to locate.

My mobile number is 93***

Yours Faithfully

Jayashree J.N.

Copy to
Hon'ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde,
Lokayukta, MS Building, Bangalore

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