Complaints & Actions
Some of the complaints received so far are given below. Where I have initiated action, I have indicated . In respect of other complaints, I request others also take up these serious issues. Identities have been withheld in some cases. Where it is indicated (Any takers), help of professionals is sought


1 The total evasion is Rs.500 crores ? per year in arecanut alone (Actiion initiated)

To see methods of evasion and possible solutions see here

Dear Sri Harish Gowda,

Let me introduce myself. I am Jayashree . you can get more details about me by visiting my site

To achieve your Department's Mission it is stated as follows in your website

Developing effective enforcement and audit strategies to eliminate tax evasion and deter tax avoidance.
Providing an efficient and prompt grievance redressal system for all stakeholders

I am giving below an extract from an email I just received.

I have been fighting a battle against commercial tax department for the last one year against corruption. In mangalore there are two major transporters viz., LMT and Manish. They clandestinely transport arecanut and cashew kernel from Mangalore to upcountry states without any documents. The total evasion as per CAMPCO estimates (CAMPCO is a state level co-operative society) is Rs.500? crores per year in arecanut alone.
The modus operandi of the transporter is to book the commercial tax department, APMC, Railway authorities at RO RO point. (Ro Ro is the short form for roll on wherein the entire lorry is transported on a rail) and also police authorities. Even media who tried to interfere where booked. I was fighting this battle but I am helpless against these huge mountain. I was threatened several times that I will be murdered or physically handicapped if I tried to expose the corruption.
However there are certain officers in the Department who really want to fight this evil. These officers have tried to fight this evil but they are not supported by the boss. I have suggested to the CCT, Bangalore various methods to fight this evil but he has failed to do anything.
Sri.Harish Gowda IAS is a strict officer ………
I request you to speak to the CCT, Bangalore to whom I have sent a mail today suggesting certain concrete measures to fight this corrruption. Kindly help me to fight this corrruption.
Let God bless you in your great FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION.

My email is as an application seeking information under the RTI Act. As far as the Rs 10 fee to be paid, as per the CIC decision the amount can be paid at the time of receiving the information. As the matter pertains to corruption, again as per the CIC order the information must be provided within 48 hours. (I am sure you would be more familiar about these things than me)

I want information regarding the action taken in respect of the above email to curb massive corruption (received by me ) since you assumed charge as CCT.

In case you require any clarification please contact me over phone

Thanking You
Jayashree JN

2 Corruption in Army (Any takers)

I am a soldier in Indian Army and my present rank is #####and my designation is ##### and working in ####### Services.
It is just like PWD in State Govt. However I am a part of this Organisation but it hadn't given me any appeal experience. Defecto this is an organisation which is completely involved in wrong practices of corruption in such a foolproof manner that directly none of the superior officers could be touched and the prey/victims are the Juniors like us. However I have completed about 26 yrs of Military Service and I have responsibility of family and two major children, I always protest the corruption on large scale but had kept silence on small things. I had very bitter experience of life even being very intelligent, energetic, loyal person. It is very sad to inform through this letter that I have never been liked by Officers recruited through UPSC in the cadre of IDSE where as I had been very lovely to Senior Military Officers and get rewards for my qualities.

Through this mail I want to be in touch with you and your husband and request you for making me a member of your family to fight against corruption. I could provide you the specific information if you are interested? I may please be informed.

3 No support to the sacked whistleblower from private sector -(Any takers)

Dear Mrs. jaya,

I am R S,from Chandigarh,worked for Bausch & Lomb Eyecare India Pvt. Ltd. for more than two years till i was illegally sacked/terminated (25th april-letter issued actually on 3rd may but date mentioned is of 25th april-i had retained the all envelope as proofs ) as i dare to put my senior & middle management cadres on Right & honest track.

They are charging very high rate from Govt of INDIA for Phaco machines(meant for cataract surgery)and also giving affidavit that they are not selling the same equipment model at less price.(actual rate 6.42 lakhs+TAX while charged rate varies form 8.40 lakhs +TAX to 11.80 lakhs+TAX )

Such Fraud deals happened in following institutes in recent past :
1.) All India Institute Of Medical Sciences
New Delhi2.) Research & refferal CentreNew Delhi ( Under the Ministry of Defence )this institute bought (in Dec. 2006 )the"PROTEGE"phaco-emulsification machine <Model No. DPX 100 >at Rs.9.90 lakhs + tax….while actual rate is only Rs/ 6.42 lakhs + TAX. ( Further Spare consumables items with this machine is much less in qty. worth another 02 lakhs rupees). Hence total scam value exceed more than Rs 4.5 Lakhs…Supplier of this machine is US BASED MNC BAUSCH & LOMB EYECARE INDIA PVT. LTD., GURGAON(near New DELHI ).

More than 10 such machines have been supplied in Various Command Hospitals across INDIA besides AIIMS —NEW DELHI & various others hospitals of STATE GOVT. ACROSS INDIA………resulting in FINANCIAL SCAM worth CRORES OF RUPEES.

The same complaint i had forwarded to CBI_Chandigarh unit & CVC thru mail also copy sent to President of INDIA………….but yet no action initiated till date.
I had given all details with proofs to AAJ TAK Channel & TOI—-Chandigarh branch approximately two week back but they seems to engrossed in covering other Political-religious matter erupted recentely in PUNJAB.

Even both PRINT & ELECTRONIC MEDIA role is very Shocking….??

4 (Any takers) Bribes taken at the Air Cargo Complex to build the Export Cargo Terminal

salute you both for your courage. In Karnataka, I know of a corrupt institution which also needs cleaning up, that is, MYSORE SALES INTERNATIONAL LTD. Middle level officials have raped the company of crores and are still serving in the company, protected by the #####. Here are the instances, bribes taken at the Air Cargo Complex to build the Export Cargo Terminal and to make Transport Containers which were bought at a cost of Rs.1 crore and sold as scrap at Rs.8 lakhs total!! Each time I come through the Cargo Complex of MSIL, I see all operatives collecting money, expeciall one Mr.### ### who says he is collecting money for the top people in the organisation like the ### and ###someone called ###

What help do you want? As we are far away from India, we at Kuwait can forward your cause to many NRI's.

5 (action initiated) Bribe demanded for supplying water in Malleshpalya, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore

In 5th Main, Malleshpalya, New Thippasandra Post, Bangalore, Cauvery water supply pipes exist but there is no supply. This is because the person who is responsible for opening the valve to release water to an area is involved in the water tanker business. He takes money Rs250/- per tanker (4000 liters) to deliver water to households.
To people who know that he is behind this business, he takes 50/- for a tanker.
Lately he has been demanding money to open the valve. The amount of money demanded depends on your amount of dependence on the Cauvery water supply. If you are completely depended then Rs 200/-.
Can you stop this corruption? and make the comman man's plight a little better.

Action initiated Extract from email sent to gro.bsswb|retsambew#gro.bsswb|retsambew ,gro.bsswb|namriahc#gro.bsswb|namriahc, gro.bsswb|orp#gro.bsswb|orp given below

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