My letter to Chief Secretary dated 25/3/08

Jayashree J.N. 25/3/08
No 96, First Floor, RBH Road,
KG Nagar, Bangalore 560 019

Sri.Sudhakar Rao, IAS
Chief Secretary , Govt of Karnataka,
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

Ref: My emails dated 14/2/08, 15/2/08, 21/2/08, 3/3/08 - RTI , 11/3/08 and 18/3/08, 19/3/08, 20/3/08 , 24/3/08

Dear Sir,

On 14/2/08, I had requested an appointment with the Chief Secretary to discuss serious issues affecting the safety of my family. My email dated 19/3/08 and 24/3/08 contain most of the issues which I wanted to bring to the notice of the Chief Secretary in person. I am reproducing those important issues in this letter hoping that these issues will be immediately addressed.

On 19/3/08 I had expressed my anxiety and fear over not getting an appointment with the Chief Secretary even after 35 days of making repeated request. But certain things which have happened after 20/3/08 (or which I have got information about) is forcing me to write this as each day delay can have grave consequences to my family.

1. I have some information which I want to give only to the Chief Secretary as it can prevent my husband from getting harmed in Belgaum. All I need is just two minutes. It is in this regard I wanted Government to entrust CBI to take up investigation

2. I have already written in my mail dated 14/2/08, the danger my husband could face because of wrong diagnosis of his medical condition. (In this regard also I want to personally inform about how this wrong diagnosis could have been used for harming my husband)

3. On 20/3/08 morning I informed the Deputy Administrator, CADA, Belgaum about not getting an appointment from the Chief Secretary even after 35 days and even after making an RTI application. I requested him to inform my husband in Belgaum to be extremely cautious because of my own experience on 27/12/07. On 27/12/07, when I was informed that my husband was unconscious for more than 5 hours, I immediately telephoned SP, Belgaum and requested him to go to the hospital and find out what exactly happened and to give proper security to my husband in the hospital as I was staying in Bangalore because accommodation was not provided. I also informed him about possible foul play. When I learnt that even after two hours SP Belgaum had not sent anybody or made any arrangements, I spoke to SP, Lokayukta, Belgaum, over phone. Unfortunately he was in Karwar as his mother had expired. But in spite of this he sent his immediate subordinate officer to the Hospital. I also requested a local NGO to guard my husband during the night and they did keep vigil. But this is to be contrasted with SP, Belgaum's response of not sending anyone that day or even later. On 10/3/08, my husband asked personally the Additional SP and the Dy SP to meet him. But only Dy SP met him. The most shocking fact is what was recently told by the Dy Administrator that he was under the impression that my husband was dead on 27/12/07. I sought some information from SP, Belgaum on 12/3/08. Till today, he has not given me those information relating to the safety of my husband.
In spite of my husband being the senior most officer in that region, neither the District Administration nor the Water Resources Department bothered to respond even after being informed about the incident. Even the Chief Secretary's office which was informed immediately failed to respond in any manner. It is such attitude of those who should be pro-actively responding, not bothering to act in any manner which is worrying me a lot.

4. On 19/3/08 I had written about the visit by a man wearing ordinary clothes asking for our address and my talk with the Inspector of KG Nagar Police station, next day. On 19/3/08 evening, two police constables came to my house and later they kept a new beat book and the last entry in the beat book is on 20/3/08. I have also recorded this in the beat book and have sent photos of these through mail.

5. I also learnt that the Water Resources Department had stayed all decision taken by the CADA in its meeting held on 18/1/08 to help the farmers. Under such circumstances, I don’t understand the purpose of the Government continuing my husband in Belgaum except to seriously physically harm him and to increase the threat to us here in Bangalore. It may be recalled that the Minister for Irrigation had, as early as in August 2007 asked DPAR to take back my husband's deputation and subsequently the Water Resources Department had sent at least 10 letters to recall the deputation in view of difficulties faced by my husband in discharging his duties at Belgaum. I have taken all these information under the RTI Act. (Today a TV channel reported that 62 IAS officers have been transferred in the last 6 months!! – who is against my husband’s transfer?)Instead of acting on these letters, DPAR went on issuing notice after notice to my husband calling for explanation for trivial things including his immediate departure from Belgaum when his mother expired. All these are being done by DPAR by suppression and distortion of facts to shield the corrupt as my husband is fighting against corruption. Such discrimination has been noticed since June 2006 as revealed under the RTI Act.

6.I am sure that Chief Secretary is fully aware of the fact that out of six CADAs in the State, my husband is the only IAS officer posted as Administrator. I am also sure that Chief Secretary is aware that 18 out of 20 predecessors of my husband were not IAS officers. I have obtained this under the RTI Act. Only two IAS officers had gone there because of their own personal interest (one went because of his children's education and for completing the construction of house in Belgaum, his wife and children even today stay in Belgaum. In another case the IAS officer was posted as his wife was posted as DC, Belgaum and he was also transferred after his wife was transferred). The official accommodation of Administrator, CADA has been leased to a private Trust(probably assuming that no Administrator would function from Belgaum) In spite of my husband informing about not being able to take a private accommodation on rent as he faces threat, Water Resources Department just asked DC, Belgaum to provide accommodation somewhere in Belgaum District without bothering about his safety and how he can function. The latest recommendation is that PWD has suggested constructing a house suitable to my husband's grade without telling where he should live till then. As I write this my husband is moving from one location to another at least three times a week. Regarding other harassments to my husband over the last 21 months period, I have given them in detail in my website htttp://

7. I was also informed by some CADA officials in Belgaum that Water Resources Department has not released salary for the month of March only for Belgaum CADA while all the remaining CADAs have been given funds.(because my husband reported serious irregularities)

8. My husband’s repeated request to refer his case to a Committee suggested by Cabinet Secretary, Government of India in 2004 subsequent to the murder of the whistle-blower Sri Satyendra Dubey have been ignored till today. The information obtained under the RTI Act clearly reveals that whenever my husband attempted to introduce transparent systems or fight corrupt practices, he has been harassed.

9. After the 23/5/07 incident, each action of mine has resulted in harassment of my husband. This is clearly brought out in the date of issue of notices by the DPAR and the dates on which I sought information under the RTI Act. Because of such harassment even when he faced serious threats my husband reported such incidents to everyone except the DPAR.
It is really hurting me that the Chief Secretary is unable to find just two minutes time to hear the serious threats being faced by us even after 40 days of making a request. I request the Chief Secretary to immediately act to reduce some of the risks to our lives by immediately transferring my husband to Bangalore. This will at least reduce his dependency on different people everyday for his food, water and medical requirements which were used in the past as the main means of eliminating him. The circumstances my family is facing has forced me to make such a request which even I personally do not wish to do. As Election Notification can be issued anytime and those who are suppressing and distorting facts will use this as an excuse to continue my husband in Belgaum to cause physical harm to him, the Chief Secretary is requested to act immediately. Whatever I wanted to inform the Chief Secretary in person except those given in serial Nos. 1 and 2, I have written in this letter.

I am marking a copy of this email to Hon'ble Lokayukta.

Thanking You, Yours Sincerely,

Jayashree JN

Copy to Hon'ble Justice Sri. Santosh Hegde, Karnataka Lokayukta, Bangalore.

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