Letter addressed to all IAS Officers in Karnataka to participate in the International Anticorruption Program



We observe all national and international days intended to curb corruption. We are attaching a letter submitted to the Chief Secretary Sri S.V Ranganath on 16/6/09. As he failed to address any of the issues as informed to him, women from our organization did dharana in front of a corrupt IAS officer as part of observing Vigilance Week on 7/11/09. Though we wanted the Chief Secretary Sri SV Ranganath to voluntarily give information about his assets to public, he gave the information to us after seeking it under the RTI Act unlike his predecessors. Our members in a large group had planned to visit the localities predominantly occupied by IAS officers and hold dharana in front of the corrupt officers houses. But after noting the insensitivity of corrupt officers if exposed in front of other corrupt IAS officers we have changed the strategy of embarrassing corrupt IAS officers. But we would like to do so after giving sufficient opportunities. NFIW, Bangalore is making following suggestions to the IAS Officers of Karnataka. Vigilance Week, International Anti-Corruption Day etc have to be arranged and observed by the Government Officers. But Karnataka being one of the most corrupt states in India, we cannot even dream of officers taking such initiatives. We know without the corrupt IAS officers actively participating no politician can loot public money To make sense of what corrupt, inhuman IAS officers have done to India we would like to give the following statistics
India is on top of the world (PROVED)

India - A Country Profile Official Name: Republic of India
Location: South Asia Population: 1.15 billion

People Below Poverty Line: 456 million (highest in the world)
Deaths Due to Poverty: 20,000 per day, 270 million since 1990 (highest in the world)
Number of HIV/AIDS Infected People: 5.7 million (highest in the world)
Number of People Without Access to Toilets: 650 million (highest in the world)
Child Malnutrition Rate: 46% (highest in the world)
Forced Child Labor: 50 million (highest in the world)
Number of Prostitutes: 10 million (only in Mumbai) (highest in the world)
Reported Rapes per Day: 48 approx.
Percentage of Rapes Reported: 1.42% (only 1 out of 70 rapes is reported)

We are attaching a letter addressed to the Police informing them also to join us on 9/12/09 and it can be seen that Government Servants are expected to play a major role in observing the Anti-Corruption Day as is clear from the UN Convention signed by India (India was the last country to sign the Convention on the last day fixed)

Keeping the above, our program on 9/12/09 would be as follows:
1. On 9/12/09, NFIW with other organizations is holding dharana in front of Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road between 10.30 am to 12.30 pm against Government’s deliberate inaction to curb corruption. We demand all IAS officers stationed in Bangalore to find time between 11.15 am to 11.30 am to know from us the systems damaged by most of you. We would appreciate if you can bring your spouses along with you as they also have failed to question the source of your wealth.

2. We have also taken permission from the police to fix anti-corruption stickers on Government Vehicles. On 9/12/09 , our volunteers would wait from 1.30 pm to 1.45 pm in front of the Lokayukta Office . We would like you to send your drivers to collect the stickers and immediately fix it on the front glass of the car (passenger side). We would give stickers to those who show their ID and give the name of their bosses. After 1.45 pm our volunteers would fix the Anti-corruption stickers on all parked cars in Vidhana Soudha, Vikasa Soudha and MS Building. We demand that all of you should keep these stickers on your vehicle till the next Anti-corruption Day in 2010. We would also keep a watch on the officers who would remove the stickers and put such officers’ names on our website.

3. We are making one last request to IAS officers to publicly declare information about their assets before 26/1/2010. Afterwards we would gather information about assets from which ever source possible and declare individual IAS officer’s assets on our websites on 15/8/2010

All such embarrassments can be avoided if at least those claiming to be honest come out and participate in all anti-corruption programmes. Introspection on the part of officers was long due. At least now ,efforts should be made to introspect and understand the seriousness of the corruption which has disgraced Karnataka. We are enclosing images of stickers so that at least a few honest officers among you would put the stickers on the vehicle without waiting for us to give.

Attachments: 1. Our letter to the Chief Secretary dated 16/10/09 with acknowledgement
2. Our letter dated 4/12/09 addressed to the Police with acknowledgement
3. Anti-Corruption Logos to be put on wind shield of Government Vehicles

Jayashree J.N: Honorary President Sumitra KK : General Secretary

Copy To

1. Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh M. Hegde, Karnataka Lokayukta for information

2. Sri S.V. Ranganath, I.A.S, Chief Secretary with a request to make necessary arrangements to enable IAS Officers to participate in the program

3. The Secretary, IAS Officers' Association with a request to inform wives of IAS officers
4. The Secretary, DPAR to instruct all concerned to cooperate as has already been done by the Additional Commissioner of Police

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