My email sent to eminent people of India on 7/4/2010

Issue: Taking action against the real culprits responsible for the murder of Whistleblower Sri Satyendra Dubey

Context: Sri Satyendra Dubey’s brother’s statement given to the various media after the Court Judgment making it clear that those really responsible for the murder of his brother have been allowed to go scot-free by the CBI. Please read the article (in Hindi) which appeared in the Nav Bharat Times on 3/4/2010 . You may also please see the NewX program on whistleblowers of India (in English) on Youtube (in three parts) at , and

To whom the mail is being sent :1. All those whose names appear in the XXX XXX Group and whose email addresses (direct or indirect) are found on the Internet (Some Chief Ministers of States and some Ministers of GOI who are part of the Group are excluded for the time being).
2. The mail is also sent to the Chief Secretary of Karnataka who in spite of my written request revealed the address of the place where we live (My husband had given the address in a sealed cover to the present Chief Secretary against my wish but he had requested the Chief Secretary in writing not to show it to his own personal staff. Because of that we faced many problems)
3. To the Lokayukta, Karnataka who has been continuously kept informed about corruption and mal-administration
4. To the Chairman, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission as the harassment faced by us clearly violates our Rights as human beings.

What is XXX XXX Group? As per very sketchy information received from the Director of the Group by the sender of this email, the Group has the President of India as the Authority with the Supreme Court of India as the Adviser and many eminent persons of India are its Mentors. It also has some eminent persons of India as its Counselors, Human Engineers and National Observers. But an internet search does not reveal anything about the Group.

Who has sent this mail: I am Jayashree J.N, the wife of M.N.Vijayakumar ,an IAS officer of Karnataka Cadre who joined IAS in 1981. Even after many requests, when the System failed to protect my whistleblower husband, I started a website In 2007. The Director of the XXX XXX spoke to me on 18/3/2010 informing me that protection would be given and as the Director was not willing to send mail to me I doubted the genuineness of his concern for us. I do not want to reveal about the other things he spoke to me at this stage. Later he sent a mail. Again that Director spoke to me on 19/3/10 informing me that my husband is also made a mentor (My husband was never contacted earlier by the Director nor his consent was taken. Later, after my husband refused to be part of the Group he did not correspond with the Director). My husband refused to be a Mentor as the functioning of the Group lacked transparency though it claimed to be dedicated to the people of India. The Group is supposed to be functioning since 2000, but nothing is available on the Internet about its achievements. The very next day I saw in the TV the remarks made by Sri Satyendra Dubey’s brother clearly telling that the CBI has allowed the real culprits who are responsible for his brother’s murder let free by the CBI. I was shocked and wanted the XXX XXX Group to act. But the Director wanted me to send my grievance to a Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary and five other officers. As I have received complaints from whistleblowers about two of those members, I refused to give to that Committee the names of corrupt IAS officers who had made arrangements for the murder of my husband. I asked for the email addresses of all Mentors from the Director. But the Director has not given me the email addresses sought by me till today. He has not informed me till today as to whether he sent my message to all Mentors . After this I decided to directly correspond with the Members of the Group. On the other hand, if the Director has really forwarded all my email messages to the members of the Group, then I request you to act immediately. If you have not received the message, I request you to give your email so that I can send some very confidential information. I also request you to confirm as to whether I can send the confidential information to the present address.

Why is it important to address the issue immediately: If anyone goes through all my messages sent to/ received from the Director, XXX XXX and also the homepage of my website these would give some idea. As the recipients of this mail are supposed to be active members of the XXX XXX Group, I request at least a few of you to take up the matter with the concerned. Please do not forget that, though mostly only murdered whistleblower make news, there are thousands of harassed whistleblowers suffering silently at the hands of their corrupt bosses.

By letting off real culprits behind Sri Satyendra Dubey's murder, his case has been reduced to that of a murder by HIGHWAY robbers. Sri Dubey’s real sacrifice is being attempted to be erased from public memory to allow the real culprits to go scot-free and as this is totally against India’s interest, the real culprits must be brought to the book

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