My Letter to Governor of Karnataka - 2/4/08

Jayashree JN 2 April 2008
No 96, First Floor, RBH Road
KG Nagar, Bangalore 560 019

H.E. Sri Rameswar Thakur,Governor of Karnataka,
Raj Bhavan, Bangalore

Sub: Request to save my husband’s life by at least keeping him under suspension
My husband MN Vijayakumar, IAS has been attempting to introduce transparent systems and introduce systems to help citizens to fight corruption for more than two decades. It may be appropriate to add that MN Vijayakumar’s name is the only IAS officer from India to find a place in the Transparency International website for the courage shown in fighting corruption, he is the only IAS officer from India whose name finds place in the Wikipedia under world Famous Whistleblowers, he is the only IAS officer from India whose name finds a place under the truth tellers list of the Wikileaks and he may be the only IAS officer in the country to have been prevented from attending an Integrity function organized by a Trust in memory of a murdered whistleblower (he was one of the finalists of the Shanmugam Manjunath Trust Integrity Award and DPAR prevented him from even attending the function leave alone participating in it )

The following lapses on the part of those in Authority should convince Your Excellency as to why I am making this extremely odd request of keeping my husband under suspension so that those who have conspired to get him killed in Belgaum gets defeated

1. He was transferred to Belgaum even after knowing that Sri Vijayakumar’s life is under threat. This has been reported in various media including many major International News Papers
2. His arrival date and time was wrongly given so that he could be seriously threatened. In fact this threat has been reported to H.E. the President of India also. The wrong communication of his arrival is also confirmed by information obtained under the RTI Act. His letter dated 4/8/07 has been suppressed. The threat was to kill Sri Vijayakumar’s wife and son
3. He was again threatened on 11/9/07 and as per the partial information Belgaum Police have not taken any action even though a complaint was lodged within an hour after the incident. The threat was to kill Sri Vijayakumar
4. An incident happened on 4/11/07 in which I would have been killed . As per the partial information given to me by SP, Belgaum’s office under the RTI Act no action has been taken on this also till today.
5. A complaint was given to KG Nagar Police Station after an incident involving forceful entry into my house on 17/11/07 in Bangalore when my son was alone. No action has been taken till today. Even the Beat Book containing some remarks by my husband to enquire has been removed. Photographic evidences were sent to the Chief Secretary seeking appointment. Till today after almost 50 days, Chief Secretary has not given two minutes time to give him details
6. My husband was found in an unconscious state in his office on 27/12/07 . Doctors were called after 3 hours and a foul play was suspected. I had to speak to SP, Lokayukta of Belgaum as SP , Belgaum had not taken any action even after personally speaking to him over phone. Till today the Police have not bothered to investigate this. I had sought time from Chief Secretary to discuss this also. Till today after almost 50 days, Chief Secretary has not given two minutes time to give him details
7. There are many other incidents that have happened like 12/12/07 incident in Belgaum, 18/1/08 incident in Belgaum, 1/2/08 incident in Belgaum, 7/2/08 incident in Belgaum, 28/3/08 incident in Belgaum which have not been enquired into till today.
8. There is conspiracy by certain officers in the DPAR to physically finish him off. This is also revealed in the information obtained under the RTI Act. A letter sent by Governor’s office to Secretary, DPAR in May 2007 has not been attended to till today as per the information given to an RTI query. Not acting on a letter sent by the Water Resources Department even after the Department sent 10 reminders reveals the involvement of Secretary, DPAR, as the major conspirator. I have enough proof from information taken under RTI Act.
9. My husband is the only IAS officer posted as an Administrator. Out of six CADAs in the state 5 CADAS don’t have IAS officers as Administrators.
10. CADA Administrator’s residence has been leased out to a private trust. When my husband requested for accommodation to be provided as it was difficult for him to get a rented building in view of the threats, the Water Resources Department wrote to DC, Belgaum to find some accommodation anywhere in Belgaum District without bothering about his safety or how he can function. When as a last resort my husband tried to stay in the Office itself, DPAR forced him to leave that place also so that those who wanted to finish off can do so easily.
11. My husband has been writing since June 2007 that his posting to Belgaum is going to increase threats to himself in Belgaum and to us (wife and son in Bangalore as we could not move out during as our son is in II PUC). He also made it clear that because of this he would not be able to work properly and that farmers in that area would be affected. But those who should be acting in public interest were bothered only about eliminating my husband and never bothered about farmers.
12. As though physically and mentally troubling him is not enough (he has been issued more than 5 notices so for during his stay in Belgaum most of them totally outrageous)
13. He was even troubled when he rushed to see his mother who became ill after knowing the harassment to my husband and died within two days after he reached Bangalore.
14. As though these are not enough, in spite of these continuous threats and discomfort, my husband by involving farmers in a big way took certain decisions. But the entire proceedings of 18/1/08 have been stayed making it impossible to do any work to help farmers. So the question that remains to be answered is why he is being continued in Belgaum as it is neither in public interest nor in our interest. The stay is to suppress serious corruption in WRD which my husband repeatedly pointed out in writing.
15. To top it all on 14/2/08 I made a request in writing seeking appointment with the Chief Secretary to discuss the serious situation our entire family is facing. But till today even after 50 days of seeking appointment, I have not been heard. If a Chief Secretary can’t find two minutes time to save a senior IAS officer, what interpretation is possible?.
16. I have seen files under RTI Act and those shielding the corrupt suppressed and distorted facts while elected Government was there and now they are doing the same with Your Excellency also. As these are very powerful and as Hon’ble Lokayukta has informed through media , they are bent upon shielding the corrupt

Under these circumstances I know your Excellency has never been given (or will be given) proper picture about why my husband is being treated like this. Even his request to refer his case to a Committee suggested By the Cabinet Secretary’s letter issued in 2004 subsequent to the murder of Whistleblower Sri Satyendra Dubey has been ignored for the last 18 months.

To save my husband’s Life, I request H.E. the Governor to keep my husband under suspension as those who are in a position to recommend for transfer want him dead. These officers are capable of suggesting grounds for suspension as they have least respect for honesty, integrity and never care for legality.

(Jayashree JN )
Copy to Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Karnataka, Bangalore
Copy to Sri.Sudharkar Rao, IAS, Chief Secretary, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore with a request to find some ground to suspend my husband.

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