My letter to Governor of Karnataka from Belgaum- 3/11/07

Smt. J. N. Jayashree
Residing at
CADA office,
Malaprabha & Ghataprabha Projects
Belgaum Dated 02-11-2007

I am Smt. Jayashree. J.N wife of Sri. M.N. Vijayakumar, IAS (1981 Batch) a Principal Secretary Grade Officer working in Karnataka, I had brought to the notice of Your Excellency’s predecessor the deliberate dismantling of systems by Sri.P.B. Mahishi, Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka to shield the corrupt. My representation was forwarded to the same officer, against whom I had complained to His Excellency. However as expected no action has been taken till today on a reference made by your Excellency’s office to the Government of Karnataka.

1) I would like to bring to the notice of Your Excellency the call given by Your predecessor in Republic Day speech to fight corruption and develop zero tolerance for corruption. In fact, His Excellency the Prime Minister of India has gone one step ahead and has asked IAS Probationers under training to tackle corruption head on. Under these circumstances fighting corruption becomes the responsibility of every citizen whether he is a Government servant or not as corruption is a criminal activity.
2) My husband who has been fighting corruption since he joined service tried to bring in transparency, which was disliked by senior officers. Details of these are available in my website Instead of appreciating my husband’s efforts to bring in good governance he is being continuously harassed for working with absolute integrity. In fact from September 2006 to June 2007 (9 months) my husband was transferred seven times. In one of these postings he was made Managing Director of closed Mysore Lamps, the salary of which has not been paid till now. When I sought information about this under the R.T.I. Act DPAR avoided giving information while your Excellency predecessor has directed his office to acknowledge for having received copies of such letters.

3) In fact I was a witness to Sri.P.B.Mahishi’s statement that he shields the corrupt and refuses to take action on the corruption reports given by my husband and that he can tell the same to the Lokayukta or any other agencies. After this my husband filed a compliant with the Lokayukta against Sri.P.B.Mahishi for corrupt practices. Subsequently, my husband was transferred as Administrator, CADA, M & G. Projects, Belgaum with sole purpose of harming him physically. It is to be noted that 20 out 22 of my husband’s predecessor’s were not IAS officers as per the information obtained under the RTI Act by me. The official residence of the Administrator, CADA has been leased out to a private trust, which has been approved by the cabinet. As my husband is under threat he had requested for accommodation as renting a private building was not possible due to security reasons for himself and inconvenience to local people living around. This request has been totally ignored and has been done deliberately with a view to cause physical harm to him. My husband left with no choice does not stay in one place for more than a day and in fact for all-purposes resides in his office itself. I am staying along with my son for the same reasons in the office itself. I request Your Excellency to get a report about the action taken by the Superintendent of Police about an incident that happened to my husband on 11-9-2007 at Belgaum. I also request Your Excellency to call for information available with the Water Resources Department.

4) After the Chief Secretary failed to prevent my husband’s fight against corruption he attacked my rights of opening a website and exposing corruption under RTI Act.

5) I filed a complaint against Sri.P.B.Mahishi in the Karnataka State Women Commission about the attack on my fundamental rights and the indecent remarks on the rights and capacity of married woman. The hearing was conducted by the Chairperson of the Women’s Commission. During the course of hearing Sri.P.B.Mahishi misused his power and directly and indirectly intervened in the case. I have obtained the evidences for this under RTI Act. He used the Women and Child Welfare Department to write to the commission to withdraw the notice issued by the commission questioning the very authority of the commission. It is to be noted that when

thousands of cases are being dealt with by the commission, only when Chief Secretary is made the respondent, the notice issued in questioned. This clearly shows the indifference of the departments concerned about lacks of distressed women of Karnataka.

1) The two other serious things I would like bring to Your Excellency’s notice are:

a) Loss to the Government to tune of 2 crores caused by Sri.P.B.Mahishi when he was Housing Commissioner. He was let off with a warning in this case after a departmental enquiry. But the Public Accounts Committee disagreed with this and has recommended for action to be taken against Sri.P.B.Mahishi. No action has been taken till now obviously because of interference in the case by Sri.P.B.Mahishi. I have sought information on this under RTI Act which the DPAR avoided giving.
b) A CBI FIR registered against Sri.P.B.Mahishi and others for corruption involving Rs.8 crores. The investigation is still going on and the final judgment is awaited.

7) Revealing all the above clearly indicates that action should be initiated to remove Sri.P.B.Mahishi from his service and also he should be immediately relieved from the post of Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka.

8) Under these circumstances, I request Your Excellency to take following action:

(1) Initiate enquiry by the CBI against the continued harassment with criminal intention to my husband Sri.M.N.Vijayakumar which is going on for last one year and has not stopped till now. My husband is being harassed as he refuses to become corrupt or close his eyes to corruption.
(2) To immediately relieve Sri.P.B.Mahishi from the post of Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka. As a Head of the bureaucracy he has miserably failed in his duty to protect the honest and punish the corrupt.

(3) To initiate action against all officers including the Chief Secretary as recommended in the order of the Karnataka State Women Commission dated 08-10-2007 (case No.KARAMA A/DURU/A-175/2007-08)
(4) To restore the systems dismantled by Sri.P.B.Mahishi to prevent corrupt practices in the Government. The details are available in my website
(5) Direct the concerned to release salary and other benefits, which have been deliberately withheld and in particular providing suitable accommodation keeping security in view.

Thanking you,

( J. N. Jayashree )

Shri Rameshwar Thakur
H.E Governor of Karnataka,

Copy to; Shri Krishnakumar IAS(Retd), Advisor to H.E Governor of Karnataka, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.
Copy to; Shri P.P Prabhu IAS(Retd), Advisor to H.E Governor of Karnataka, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore.

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