How You Can Help?

We will shortly give details as to how you can join to fight corruption. You may be a professional , an ordinary citizen, a student or a group fighting against corruption.You may be from Karnataka or outside Karnataka. You may be an Indian residing outside India. You may be a citizen of a different country but facing similar problems. We invite you all. Visit the forum to get involved

Forwarding the link of this site to like minded seriously interested people, organizations, groups

· Taking up the issues in parallel

· Sending this link to as many eminent persons as possible.

· Sending mails to the President and the Prime minister highlighting the issues.

· Giving your views and suggestions using the suggestion box,

· Creating mirror sites,

· linking this site to various blogs

Note: My husband has given his consent in writing to the Chief Secretary to provide copies of any of the letters he has written after 1/6/06 to the Chief Secretary, to any person who makes a request under the Right to Information Act. These letters give an idea of what my husband is fighting against and the people who are involved

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing

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