My letter dated 8/11/09 addressed to Home Ministry and THE Integrity Vice-Presidency

JN Jayashree, 8 Nov, 2009

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1. Shri KC Jain,

Joint Secretary (Coord & PG),Room No. 9

North Block, New Delhi,

Email: ni.cin|ahm-gpcsj#ni.cin|ahm-gpcsj

The Integrity Vice Presidency (INT)
The World Bank Group
Sub : My complaint against Sri Sudhakar Rao, (retired IAS officer) to H..E. the President of India dated 25/9/09 registered at PRESC/E/2009/07752 (available on my website

Ref: 1. President of India’s acknowledgement forwarding my complaint to Shri K.C.Jain, Joint Secretary (Coord & PG), on 6/10/09

2. My complaint to the Integrity Vice Presidency, World Bank dated 25/9/09 against Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS (retired) and others for dismantling systems – created as part of requirement by the World Bank to curb corruption

3. Vice Presidency, World Bank message dated 19/10/09 regarding my case number: 00013922

In my complaint to H.E. the President of India I had stated that I strongly suspect that there is a connection between an IAS officer whose assets information I sought under the RTI on 9/6/09 and that Officer’s VRS being accepted yesterday.

In today’s newspapers and TV there is a report about the raid and arrest by Lokayukta of a very low level official who worked as “personal ” assistant to Sri Subramanya the IAS officer who was allowed to take VRS by Sri Sudhakar Rao in spite of knowing that there were serious complaints against Sri Subramanya (along with four other IAS officers Sri Sudhakar Rao(retired), Sri Dilip Rau(will be retiring shortly , CBI has raided his house), Sri Bharath Lal Meena and another IAS officer ) What is important to note is the fact that Sri Subramanya took the official who has been arrested by the Lokayukta to which ever office he got posted since 2004. The official who joined Government Service in 2000 and whose total legitimate income does not exceed Rs 8 lakhs has properties worth more than 2 crores of Rupees (25 times legitimate income). Another factor is that all files related to their corrupt practices have not been given under the RTI Act till toady and the reason given is that these files are not traceable. These files show how these corrupt officers while taking financial assistance from the World Bank looted money and later got abolished a Committee which could have exposed their corrupt deeds. Even the Committee appears to have been constituted as per condition put forth by the World Bank to get financial assistance from the World Bank. I have made many requests to get the Committee revived but all my requests have been ignored till today. Otherwise, I would not have approached the Integrity Vice-Presidency.

The Vice Presidency of World Bank has sought certain documents in connection with my complaint and as very Senior IAS officers are involved (two have retired as Chief Secretaries) and as officials working in the DPAR also either are involved in massive corruption or are afraid to antagonize their seniors, these files have not been given when sought by me under the RTI Act. These files have to be obtained immediately and kept with the Lokayukta or the CVC or the CBI. This becomes evident from the fact that the PIO, DPAR did not give information of assets of these officers in spite of mentioning in the appeal to the first appellate authority the following:

In spite of all the above I would like to state the in respect of Dr. Subramanya, whom I had seen as a probationer and heard from him only, there is no way that officer could have assets he now possesses .

In respect of Sri.Sudhakar Rao, he made his office send me a written message stating that honest officers would be troubled if I do not stop exposing corrupt practices of Chief Secretaries. . No honest officer would say that he would trouble other honest officers (more information including news paper reports are available in my website). There are so many complaints filed against this officer about his corrupt practices with various authorities (some of them are given in my website also) and as per the information obtained by me details are available with the DPAR also. In respect of Sri. Dilip Rau, this is the second time information is being refused. . He had earlier refused to give the information and was protected by very corrupt officers in the DPAR. If the information had been given, then at least further looting of money by this officer from then until now could be prevented. Now that the CBI has raided his house, it is certainly in public interest to get the information

In spite of informing as above to facilitate looting of public money by these corrupt officers information sought was not given.It is important to seize all files refused by the DPAR, the DPE either by the CBI or the CVC (to whom complaints have already been given ). As Lokayukta has started enquiring about an assistant who worked with Sri Subramanian wherever he went, proper interrogation would throw light on the amount looted by Sri Subramanya and Sri Sudhakar Rao under whom Sri Subramanya worked. These would further lead to the amount looted by other IAS officers mentioned above.

I am marking a copy of this letter to the Integrity Vice Presidency to help me get these files mentioned by me in my RTI Applications to the DPAR and the DPE. Once I get these files I would be able to give specific details of World Bank money looted by these officers and the specific programs. These files were agreed to be shown to me during the hearing of my complaint in the presence of Sri.K.KMisra , Chief Information Commissioner. Later, as per the direction of the KIC , I saw some of these files in the DPE and had asked for copies which were never given. Even the PIO., DPAR who stated before the Chief Information Commissioner that with great difficulty he was able to trace 12 corruption related files has not given information about even a single file till today. In the open court the Chief Information Commissioner praised the PIO for locating these files and even remarked that PIO deserves to be given the highest honor given to a defense person (ParamVir Chakra) The fact that these officers together got the High-level Committee on Anti-Corruption abolished clandestinely (abolition of the Committee was kept secret by these corrupt officers for two years) and most importantly, this was a Committee constituted at the behest of the World Bank , makes World Bank also responsible in pursuing the case. The Country Director, World Bank to whom also I have marked a copy should be more bothered than me about such things (Please see the letter of National Federation of India Women, Karnataka addressed to the Chief Secretary at

I am also marking a copy of this letter to Hon’ble Lokayukta not to stop with enquiring only a personal assistant’s illegal assets when the fact that Sri Subramanya took him wherever he went and that too because he sought VRS after I sought his assets under the RTI Act. The haste with which Sri Sudhakar Rao allowed VRS to Sri Subramanya is another matter to be investigated . This is because Sri Subramanya was allowed to retire by Sri Sudhakar Rao (who has full knowledge of looting of money by Sri Subramanya since 2004) when Sri Sudhakar Rao was left with less than a week’s time to retire from Service As though this is not enough Sri Subramanya who was using his Personal Assistant for siphoning of money allowed him to retire that too when that official had not even completed 10 years of Service(Details are available in the report published on 8/11/09 in the Kannada Newspaper Prajavani).

I am putting this letter on my website also. My family members have faced many threats and attempts on life for our continued fight against corruption at very high level. These are expected as Karnataka is continuously getting branded as one of the most corrupt States in the country by Transparency International. Even what is happening in Karnataka for the last 10 days is a sad reflection of corrupt IAS officers – politicians’ nexus.

I am marking a copy to the present Chief Secretary Sri SV Ranganath IAS, to make arrangements to get all relevant files. From the information obtained by me under the RTI Act Sri K.K.Misra when he retired as Chief Secretary had given a report containing corrupt practices of all these 5 IAS offices to Sri S.V. Ranganath IAS, who was at that time Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister.

Yours Sincerely

Jayashree JN
Copy To

Hon’ble Justice Sri Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Karnataka, MS Building, Dr Ambedkar Veedi, Bangalore

Sri SV Ranganath,IAS, Chief Secretary to GOK, Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore

Mr. Roberto Zagha, Country Director for India

The World Bank, 70, Lodi Estate, New Delhi – 110 003

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