Detailed Instructions For Joining This Site
  1. Press on the 'Create account' button on the top right corner of this webpage.
  1. You will taken to a account creation page. You just press 'next' button
  1. Terms of Service page appears. Check the 'I have read and accept above terms'. Then press 'next' button.
  1. You will asked to fill the account details by giving your own screen name, your email address,language (select english), your own password . Enter the number given in the last box. Then press 'next' button'
  1. If your screen name is not accepted, give a different screen name. Then you will taken to the data confirmation page. Then press 'next' button'
  1. You will go to the verify email window. Open your email and get the verification code and paste it in the verification code box and Then press 'next' button'
  1. You have created the wikidot account. Press close 'message button'
  1. If you have entered the site by chance and pressed the 'join button', please give details about yourself in the application box and then press 'apply'. Password will be sent immediately.
  1. If you have already got the password from me, press the 'join' button on the top bar. enter the password and press 'apply' button.
  1. On the left panel towards the end ( above page tags) you see 'site members' link. Your screen name should appear under the members list.
  1. You have become member of this site. You can create thread etc, in the forum
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