Lakhyajit Deka : CBI whistle blower in trouble

Subject: CBI whistle blower in trouble.

I, Mr. Lakhyajit Deka, son of Late Bipul Ch. Deka, a citizen of India and a permanent resident of Village Kumarnichiga, P.O. Rajabheta, District Dibrugarh, P.S. Borboruah, Assam -786008 and presently residing in ######### Assam – 781### beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration.

1. Synopsis : That Sir, this is to draw your kind attention to the mass CORRUPTION AND FORGERY going on unabated in the INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP (IIE in short), Guwahati since long time under the patronage of a few higher officials of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India. In IIE, money figures in the vouchers are tempered with. For instance, Rs 9,234.00 has been changed to Rs. Rs 19,234.00 by inserting numerical figure of “1” in front of Rs 9,234.00. Further, Rs. 4,824.00 has been changed to Rs. 14,824.00, Rs. 24,849.00 to Rs. 34,849.00. It was noticed that the handwriting of the amounts written in words and numbers never matched nor did the spellings i.e. two is written as three. In this way figures of almost 9 out of 10 vouchers are changed. Along with figure manipulation and other ways of siphoning off public money as detailed in Internal Audit Report of Gobinda Sharma & Co.(C.A.), CBI report for 2007-08 and the AG Report for F.Y. 2005-06 & 2006-07, the investigating and audited reports point to crores of public money been leaked out of IIE every year since 2005 and earlier. This is only the tip of an iceberg.

2. Fact: That Sir, I was appointed in IIE as Accounts Officer on 20.12.2007. The mass corruption in IIE was brought into light by me in the first week of July 2008 when I came upon accounting entries without supporting papers. As a part of my duty, I immediately brought this matter to the notice of Director, IIE with documentary evidence. Consequent to this, I was suspended immediately and thereafter my service was terminated on 08.08.2008. The Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati Bench was pleased to reinstate me. On 19.10.2009, the CBI had summoned me as a Prime Witness vide case no. RC 15(A)/2008-GWH against Shri K Ahmed, Director, IIE and others. Being aggrieved, the Director, IIE, Mr. K Ahmed lodged an FIR in Basistha Police Station (FIR 577/09 dated 01.12.2009, Guwahati) against me alleging that I have Terrorist Connection (with ULFA). Thereafter again my service was terminated for the second time on 16.12.2009.

Sample copies of forgery done in vouchers submitted in IIE are attached as attachment 1.

Copy of CBI summon letter is attached as attachment 2.

Copy of the FIR 577/09 dated 01.12.2009 is attached as attachment 3.

3. Aftermath of detection of Fraud in IIE: That Sir, as the matter of forgery and corruption swells among the employees of IIE, the Director suspended me and on the same day i.e. on 14.07.08, an internal auditor (Govinda Sharma & Co, C.A. firm) was appointed. The Internal Auditor so appointed too reported huge forgery in the Accounts of the organisation in their internal audit report dated 03.09.08.
Copy of relevant portion of audit report of Govinda Sharma & Co, C.A. is attached as attachment 4.

4. Involvement of Officials of MSME, Ministry: That Sir, the matter of CORRUPTION AND FORGERY was informed to the stake holder of IIE, i.e. Ministry of MSME & North Eastern Council (NEC). At this, the Secretary, MSME instructed Mr. S. K. Goyal, Director, MSME to visit IIE and investigate the matter. Accordingly on 28.09.08, Mr. S. K. Goyal Director, MSME visited IIE and informed the employees of IIE that the internal Audit Report is the result of the inexperience of the auditor and that there were no financial irregularities but entry errors only which shall be rectified. Thereafter, he furnished a camouflaged Report in the form of a Tour Report to the Ministry of MSME of his visit to Guwahati from 28.09.08 to 01.10.08. Based on the Tour Report a general instruction dated 15.10.08 was issued to all organisations under administrative control of Ministry of MSME including IIE to cover up the mass corruption. A few days thereafter the CBI raid IIE and Mr. S. K. Goyal Director, MSME again visited IIE. This time while addressing the employees of the IIE cited the failure of CBI in handling the Arushi Murder Case and said that there is no point in cooperating with CBI as they can do nothing and went on to instruct the employees to cooperate with the Director, IIE. The CBI, ACB, Guwahati though had registered two cases, one of the case being against Mr. K Ahmed, Director, IIE & Mrs. Sriparna B Baruah Faculty Member, IIE for undertaking unauthorized foreign tour to Egypt and Israel at government expenses for which CBI had recommended disciplinary action against them almost a year back to the MSME Ministry, no action from the MSME Ministry has been visible till date. The other case is of financial irregularities in IIE, Guwahati against Shri K Ahmed, Director, IIE and others. Prosecution sanction was sought for by CBI from the MSME Ministry on 24.11.09. In the most expected line, the officials of the Ministry have kept the matter pending till date i.e. for more that six months. Further, Mr. Pravir Kumar, Jt. Secretary & CVO, Ministry of MSME, Govt. Of India, with reference to the above mentioned FIR dated 01.12.2009, wrote a letter to DGP, Assam vide D.O. no. 25(3)/2009-SSI(P)-II dated 11.01.2010, emphasizing upon my terrorist connection. He also went on to question the sanctioning of CBI prosecution.

Copy of the Tour Report is attached as attachment 5.

Copy of the general instruction dated 15.10.08 is attached as attachment 6.

Copy of letter of Jt. Secretary & CVO, is attached as attachment 7.

5. The CBI, ACB, Guwahati: That Sir, the doubtful action of Mr. S. K. Goyal Director, MSME forced me to approach the Central Bureau of Investigation, Anti Corruption Branch, Guwahati (in short CBI, ACB). The satisfaction of preliminary information provided by me and the outcome of the preliminary investigation led to the registration of cases of corruption in IIE by the CBI, ACB, Guwahati. Accordingly, on 12th November 2008, the CBI, ACB, Guwahati, raided IIE. The CBI, ACB had registered two cases, one for undertaking unauthorized foreign tour at government expenses and the other for corruption in IIE. Disciplinary action had been recommended to the Ministry of MSME, New Delhi almost a year ago for unauthorized foreign tour. In the other case of financial irregularities in IIE, Guwahati against Shri K Ahmed, Director, IIE and others, prosecution sanction was sought for by CBI from the MSME Ministry on 24.11.09. In its List as published in the CBI and CVC website as Cases Pending For Sanction Of Prosecution (Under Pc-Act, 1988) with Organisations / Departments, the cases registered against IIE for prosecution also feature (relevant portion of the List is enlisted as under).


Organisation/Department(Sanction Pending With)

R-015/2008 ACB,






Administrative Officer


Junior Accountant


Assistant Faculty Member

Faculty Member
Jt. Secretary & CVO Of Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises, Govt. Of India

6. Office of the Principal Accountant General (Audit), Assam: That Sir, the Accountant General (Audit) was initially appointed on 06.11.2009 to audit the Accounts of IIE for the Financial Year 2006-07, but the huge volume of forgery in IIE unearthed during the audit, have warranted PAG (Audit) to re-audit the audited accounts for the FY 2005-06 as well. As I cooperated with the auditors in carrying out the audit, the Director not only went on to file an FIR against me but also terminated me for the second time. The AG Audit Report for 2005- 2006 & 2006-2007 in clear and unambiguous terms prove the existence of forgery and corruption since 2005 and even before i.e., before my joining IIE in December, 2007. It is beyond doubt that I have been victimized for standing against corruption.

Copy of relevant portion of AG audit report for 2005- 2006 & 2006-2007 is attached as attachment 8.

I believe that my effort, although being a drop in the ocean of corruption by Big Fish paralyzing our Nation would not be a waste, as it would lead to intervention for removal of all possible hindrances affecting the course of law. I, therefore request you to consider the larger public interest and initiate necessary steps to enable due investigation and trial into the large scale financial irregularities committed in IIE to siphon off crores of public money.

Thanking you and obliged,

Enclosed: 8 attachments
Yours faithfully,

Lakhyajit Deka



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