Latest Serious Developments

A brief note about the origin of threats
My husband's report given to the Chief Secretary in 2005 about serious irregularities in the energy sector is the root cause of the problems we are facing since June 2006.My husband's action of declaring assets to be given to any citizen created many enemies in august 2006. My husband may be the only IAS officer in the country to have done so.( Two other IAS officers even though expressed their willingness , have not given details of their assets to be given to the public.) On 27/3/07 I was threatened and I was told the consequences my husband would face if I did not do as was told on that day. . On 5/4/08, a retired Chief Secretary told us that the persons against whom we are fighting would decimate us. Further the then Chief Secretary on 23/5/07 not only threatened my husband in my presence but he made it clear that he shields the corrupt. Since then the threats have increased. There are continuous threats to this effect , but they have not been carried out as I started this web page to protect my husband. But on 27/12/08 these people had almost succeeded and my husband was left in an unconscious state in his own office without being attended to for more than 3 hours. It is not 7 transfer orders received in 9 month period which is threatening us but what happened subsequent to my husband assuming charge which are more seriously harming us. Most of these threats are against my husband's efforts to introduce transparent systems and for introducing systems to fight corrupt practices by involving public. Since last two years all unimaginable hurdles have been put making even normal functioning very difficult. Inspite of it my husband came out with new methods of delivering services to the people and to improve the quality of work. At the same time efforts have been made to save money by effectively plugging leakages.

Latest Developments

My husband was posted as Administrator, CADA, Belgaum, even after the serious threats to his life were informed to the Government. He however, reported there on August 6th 2007. His arrival at Belgaum was also not properly communicated. He was seriously threatened immediately after landing in Belgaum. Since then, very serious things have happened on 11/9/07, 4/11/07, 12/12/07, 27/12/07 and 1/2/08. My husband has complained with Belgaum police on these and even other such incidents. No doubt he was provided with a gunman, but this has not stopped the threats. A very serious incident which happened on 11/9/08 which clearly indicated my husband's life was under threat from some known quarter, has not been investigated till today, even though my husband lodged a complaint immediately after the incident.

My husband for his own safety was forced to live in the office itself as his official quarters was leased out to a private Trust. Even after informing the Government about his inability to rent accommodation because of security reasons, he has not been provided with any accommodation . On the other hand the Department which has accepted his deputation asked the District Administration to provide some accommodation anywhere in Belgaum District , least caring for his safety and not at all bothered about how he can function if accommodation is given in some other Taluk . This makes it very clear his posting was not done keeping public interest in mind. This fact was repeatedly brought to the notice of the Government by my husband more than nine months back. Another suggestion is that my husband has to wait till a building is constructed for this purpose. Here again it is not clear where he should stay till that time. In view of the increased threats and the Police not bothering to find the people behind my husband's threats, both my husband and I have asked various authorities to entrust the investigation to the CBI. It is to be noted that my son and I are also not free from threats. My husband and I have filed more than 15 complaints with the Police in Belgaum and Bangalore The Police are yet to take action on these complaints.

In view of these ,on 14/2/08 ,I had sought appointment with the new Chief Secretary to inform him about the serious threats faced by my husband . Even after almost 40 days I am yet to be heard by the Chief Secretary. I don’t want people who shirked responsibility from not being held accountable. I have been keeping the Karnataka Lokayukta continuously informed about these developments. Another serious incident which happened on 27/12/08 when my husband was taken to a hospital in an unconscious state has yet to be investigated. Details of the incident are not disclosed for our own safety.

To bring out these, I am giving an extract from my letter addressed to the Chief Secretary on 25/3/08.

//On 19/3/08 I had expressed my anxiety and fear over not getting an appointment with the Chief Secretary even after 35 days of making repeated request. But certain things which have happened after 20/3/08 (or which I have got information about) is forcing me to write this as each day delay can have grave consequences to my family.
I have some information which I want to give only to the Chief Secretary as it can prevent my husband from getting harmed in Belgaum. All I need is just two minutes. It is in this regard
I wanted Government to entrust CBI to take up investigation

On 20/3/08 morning I informed the Deputy Administrator, CADA, Belgaum about not getting an appointment from the Chief Secretary even after 35 days and even after making an RTI application. I requested him to inform my husband in Belgaum to be extremely cautious because of my own experience on 27/12/07. …… It is such attitude of those who should be pro-actively
responding, not bothering to act in any manner which is worrying me a lot.

I also learnt that the Water Resources Department had stayed all decision taken by the CADA in its meeting held on 18/1/08 to help the farmers. Under such circumstances, I don’t understand
the purpose of the Government continuing my husband in Belgaum except to seriously physically harm him and to increase the threat to us here in Bangalore. It may be recalled that the Minister for Irrigation had, as early as in August 2007 asked DPAR to take back my husband's deputation and subsequently the Water Resources Department had sent at least 10 letters to recall the deputation in view of difficulties faced by my husband in discharging his duties at Belgaum. I have taken all these information under the RTI Act. Instead of acting on these letters, DPAR went on issuing notice after notice to my husband calling for explanation for trivial things including his immediate departure from Belgaum when his mother expired. All these are being done by DPAR by suppression and distortion of facts to shield the corrupt as my husband is fighting against
corruption. Such discrimination has been noticed since June 2006 as revealed under the RTI Act.

I am sure that Chief Secretary is fully aware of the fact that out of six CADAs in the State, my husband is the only IAS officer posted as Administrator. I am also sure that Chief Secretary is
aware that 18 out of 20 predecessors of my husband were not IAS officers. I have obtained this under the RTI Act. Only two IAS officers had gone there because of their own personal interest
(one went because of his children's education and for completing the construction of house in Belgaum, his wife and children even today stay in Belgaum. In another case the IAS officer was posted as his wife was posted as DC, Belgaum and he was also transferred after his wife was transferred). The official accommodation of Administrator, CADA has been leased to a private Trust(probably assuming that no Administrator would function from Belgaum) In spite of my husband informing about not being able to take a private accommodation on rent as he faces threat, Water Resources Department just asked DC, Belgaum to provide accommodation
somewhere in Belgaum District without bothering about his safety and how he can function. The latest recommendation is that PWD has suggested constructing a house suitable to my husband's grade without telling where he should live till then. As I write this my husband is moving from one location to another at least three times a week. Regarding other harassments to my husband over the last 21 months period, I have given them in detail in other pages in this website

My husband’s repeated request to refer his case to a Committee suggested by Cabinet Secretary, Government of India in 2004 subsequent to the murder of the whistle-blower Sri Satyendra Dubey have been ignored till today. The information obtained under the RTI Act clearly reveals that whenever my husband attempted to introduce transparent systems or fight corrupt practices, he has been harassed.

After the 23/5/07 incident, each action of mine has resulted in harassment of my husband. This is clearly brought out in the date of issue of notices by the DPAR and the dates on which I sought information under the RTI Act. Because of such harassment even when he faced serious threats my husband reported such incidents to everyone except the DPAR. It is really hurting me
that the Chief Secretary is unable to find just two minutes time to hear the serious threats being faced by us even after 40 days of making a request. I request the Chief Secretary to immediately act to reduce some of the risks to our lives ….//

Irrefutable facts

i. Direct threats and attempt on my own life
ii. Many attempts on my husband’s life
iii. Leaking confidential diary though requested to be kept confidential
iv. Leaking residential address though requested to be kept confidential
v. Serious threats since Aug 2006 till last week
vi. Serious threats to newspaper reporters who reported my RTI findings
vii. Forcing my husband to report at places outside Bangalore ignoring Chief Ministers directions
viii. A Chief Secretary threatening my husband in my presence
ix. A Chief Secretary sending a written message that even honest officers who worked with my husband would be harmed
x. A retired Chief Secretary informing me that we would be decimated
xi. An officer close to the Cabinet Secretary speaking frequently to me than to my husband and forcing me to persuade my husband to join a particular group
xii. An officer from the Prime Minister’s office giving some confidential information when he visited my house
xiii. Information given to my husband by the Governor himself in Nov 2006 to my husband
xiv. Highly confidential information given many times by a Secretary to Governor
xv. A police officer who visited our house informing clearly in March 2007 that my husband’s life is danger and that he should carry weapon
xvi. Police officer in charge of my husband’s security advising my husband to seek CBI help
xvii. Many information given to me by Intelligence officers who visited my house from March 2007 to October 2008
xviii. Intelligence officers frequently informing me not to depend on local police and making arrangements to send their people for my security from April 2007 to Oct 2008
xix. No action taken by the police on more than 30 complaints given to the police but tampering beatbook
xx. No action taken till today to act as 2004 letter of the Cabinet Secretary in spite of more than 100 letters written since Oct 2006
xxi. Since 2006 Reporting officers deliberately acting against Rules
xxii. Suppression and distortion of important facts by the CS and DPAR since Oct 2006 as revealed under RTI act
xxiii. More than 25 important files sought under RTI becoming not traceable
xxiv. Serious information given to me by a large number well wishers and many anonymously
xxv. Threatening authorities who were inquiring into my complaints.
xxvi. Threatening of my own relatives and close friends
xxvii. Each charge against my husband is the result of a conspiracy

Monthwise harassments
i. June 2006 attempt on my husband’s life
ii. Obstructions to my husbands work in july 2006
iii. My husband’s desperate letter in august 2006 to some eminent people in the country
iv. Intimidation of my husband in his office in sept 2006
v. Transfer before promotion in Sept 2006
vi. Rejection of leave sought on threat to life in oct 2006,
vii. Dr malti das’s decision to harass my husband to shield her brother in nov 2006, my husband seeking advice from Lokayukta and governor about leaving the Service
viii. Attempts to force me to withdraw my complaint against Dr Malati Das
ix. CS forcing my husband to go to Gulburga even after CM had directed the CS to give posting in Bangalore in Jan 2007
x. My husband transferred thrice in Feb 2007
xi. Direct threat to me in front of Lokayukta office in March 2007
xii. RTI revealed that all action against my husband were motivated in april 2007, a retired CS informing me that both of us would be decimated
xiii. Police informing my husband in my presence to carry a weapon as his life is under threat
xiv. May 2007 my husband was prevented from entering Mysore Lamps
xv. June 2007- transferring my husband to Belgaum after filing complaint against PBM with Lokayukta and women commission
xvi. CS forcing my husband to go to Belgaum even after CM publicly informed that my husband would be given a posting where he feels safe
xvii. Aug 2007- direct threat to my husband immediately after landing in Belgaum, inhuman reaction by DPAR after my husband lost his mother
xviii. Sept 2007- threats to me, direct attempt on my husband’s life
xix. Attempt on my life, direct threats to my son Nov 2007
xx. Dec 2007 Attempt on my husband’s life
xxi. Jan 2008 CS forcing my husband to leave the office after attempt on life was made in his office
xxii. Feb 2008 CS refusing me appointment
xxiii. March 2008 My husband prevented from receiving Integrity award
xxiv. April 2008 My request to Governor to keep my husband under suspension to save his life, Police officer in charge of my husband’s security in Belgaum advising my husband to seek CBI help
xxv. May 2008 Board members deliberately prevented from attending meetings
xxvi. June 2008 ASP deliberately prevented from meeting MNV
xxvii. July 2008 Board members deliberately prevented from attending meetings
xxviii. August 2008 Board members deliberately prevented from attending meetings
xxix. September 2008 all important officer removed
xxx. October 2008 Against AIS Rules posted to KAT
xxxi. November 2008 certain decision taken deliberately to harm
xxxii. December 2008 Minimum facilities sought not given
xxxiii. January 2009 shifted from room to room
xxxiv. February 2009 obstruction to work
xxxv. March 2009 certain decision taken deliberately to harm
xxxvi. April 2009 Files withheld
xxxvii. May 2009 A junior officer made reporting officer
xxxviii. June2009 deliberately wrong information given to press
xxxix. July 2009 forced to write judgments by hand
xl. August 2009 After reporting corrupt practices of IAS officers transferred and no posting given till Nov 2009. Even work voluntarily done during waiting period not accepted. residential address leaked. Illegal advice
xli. December 2009 illegal acts reported. Forced medical examination
xlii. January 2010 learnt about criminal misuse of office seal
xliii. February 2010 serious illegal acts brought to the notice
xliv. March2010 criminal acts brought to the notice
xlv. April 2010 non-action reported to GOI
xlvi. May 2010 Appointment denied no response to many serious things
xlvii. June 2010 Lokayukta incident
xlviii. July no action on reported criminal and illegal acts
xlix. August 2010 conspiracy reported threat communicated through another person
l. September 2010 conspiracy reported to GOI authorities decision taken to harm
li. October 2010Many unfair things reported
lii. November 2010 transferred without issuing any Order and no posting given till now and no salary till feb end

Deliberate suppression of facts
i. Suppressed the fact that my husband had requested Chief Secretary to refer his harassment to the Committee indicated by Cabinet Secretary in his 2004 letter
ii. Suppressed the fact that Sri PBM had told my husband in my presence that he shields the corrupt
iii. Suppressed the fact that my husband had fiiled a complaint against PBM with the Lokayukta
iv. Suppressed the fact that I had filed a complaint against PBM with the Women Commission
v. Suppressed the fact that I had filed a complaint against PBM with the National human rights Commission
vi. Supressed the fact that my husband was not provided with even a single calss IV employee when posted to MLW
vii. Supressed the fcat that salary for months together was not paid
viii. Suppressed the fact that though CM had ordered in Dec 2006 itself to give a posting in Bangalore , the CS had disobeyed it
ix. Suppressed the fact that though CM had ordered in July 2007 itself to give a posting in Bangalore , the CS had disobeyed it
x. Suppressed the fact that I was threatened in front of Lokayukta office
xi. the fcat that though my husband requested the corruption cases reported by him to the Hiogh Level Committee on anti-corruption
xii. Suppressed the fact that my husband was transferred within less than 24 hours after had raided a private house running a parallel revenue dept and had got the raid videographed which is now known as BDA scam
xiii. Suppressed the fact that PBM did not support my husband in land grabbing by mafia which is now infamously known as Rs 5000 crores KIADB Scam
xiv. Suppressed the fact that PBM was himself directly involved in multi crore scam in KHB
xv. Suppressed the fact that PBM was himself directly involved in multi crore scam in Tribal Federation and CBI had filed an FIR against him
xvi. Suppressed the fcat that my husband and I had filed many complinats with the police against PBM and others
xvii. Suppressed the fact that though PBM doubted my husbands mental health he did not inform my husband or me but got explanations to frame baseless charges
xviii. Suppressed the fact that though many complaints of irregularities were pending against Srio Devendra, IAS, he allowed him to retire without taking any action
xix. Suppressed the fact that my husband was transferred to Belgaum in clear violation og GOI notification
xx. Suppressed the fact that even my and my husband’s consent was taken before posting him in Bangalore and later denied waiting period
xxi. You suppressed the fact that while you did not take any action against other IAS officers whoise corrupt practices were reported in media, you issued notices for my husband acts of fighting against corruption
xxii. Suppressed the fact that while no action was taken against IAS officers who prevented my husband from attending meeting, PBM issued notice for not attending a meeting which was not even called
xxiii. Suppressed the fact that you forced my husband to work as an officer subordinate to his own Grade officer
xxiv. Suppressed the fact that my husbad was issued with seven transfer orders in less than 10 months period
xxv. Suppressed the fcat that leave sought by my husband on the ground of threat to life was rejected

JN Jayashree’s other efforts
.1. Filed more than 25 complaints under RTI Act to expose corrupt practices at high level after either not getting any information or after getting wrong information. Most of these have been reported in various media
2. Filed a case against Chief Secretary with the Women Commission and the Commission passed an order in favor of Jayashree
3. Has filed three complaints against three IAS officers with the Karnataka Lokayukta
4. Has mobilized like minded people from different parts of the country and from other countries through her website
5. Has organized and participated in many movements against corruption
6. Has been working with other likeminded organizations fighting corruption in Karnataka
Email: moc.oohay|26eerhsayajnj#moc.oohay|26eerhsayajnj Mobile: 9343833168

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