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Wife's role in discouraging husband's corrupt activities

I am reproducing below a message recieved from one of the lady IAS Officers

I had met Jayshree when they were just married and found her to be a simple housewife… Hats off to her for standing by her husband.I say that because (Pl dont get me wrong Feminists pl) most men go the wrong way partly because of the pressure of the wife's to own more sarees latest jewellery and competion amongst wifes to be one up on others and also to PROVE their husbands love them more than others
I have also seen cases of UPRIGHT officers suffering in their personal lives as their wife's found them "INCOMPETENT and INEFFICIENT" when compared to the other male collegues who showered their wife's abundantly with gifts.Some wifes have even divorced their honest husbands saying who wants to live with such SAINTS.Even the friends and relatives of honest IAS/IPS officers dub them as mad and not worldly wise and write them off not wanting to asociate with such BEKAAR IAS/IPS relative.
So, here I salute Jayshree while my admiration for MN is no less.Fighting a system which is supposed to be for the peoople but not working for it is a terible expeience and MN always stood up for his principles. But my congratulations to Jayshree for standing up/ by her husband is an eye opener for all wifes and future IAS/IPS aspirant wifes.If we had more Jayshrees the system would have been better.If the wifes stands up against corruption and do not feed a husband who gets illgotten money home definitely it will have its own impact on the man.I think we should not only support MN Vijaykumar but highlight the role of his wife Jayshree who has supported him in his idealism and also followed a similar lifestyle which needs to be emulated by wifes of bureaucrats.
My blessing and good wishes to both of you and alll those who supported them.


I am Jayashree J.N, married to an IAS officer M.N.Vijayakumar of Karnataka Cadre who has served in Karnataka for the last 25 years.Soon after marriage, . During the last 23 years we have gone to whichever place he was posted without seeking any change once the transfer order was issued. In fact, even the children’s education was also affected several times and in one particular year, our children joined three different schools in three different districts of the State. From day one of the marriage till today, I have been silently supporting in his fight against corruption and I will continue to do so in the future also. However, recently, as his fight against corruption has resulted in harassment and threats, I thought it is high time I also independently, actively take up the issues he has raised by mobilizing like-minded persons throughout the country. I do not want to make the mistakes others have made under similar circumstances by keeping quiet and raising voice only after something bad happens. As I do not want any harm done and then later seek justice, I have decided to take up his fight independently through the creation of this website to get support from like-minded people.**

I want to share my experiences and my own plan to fight corruption so that any like minded person can also join in my fight, irrespective of wherever they may be in the country.I also want to assist persons who have knowledge of corrupt practices but are afraid to take up the issues further for various reasons.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing

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