Information given to the Press on 31/10/08

Press Note from Jayashree J.N. w/o Sri MN Vijayakumar,IAS

I am filing complaints with the Lokayukta and the CBI against Sri Sudhakar Rao , Chief Secretary to Government on 31/10/08 -the Vigilance day. The Central Vigilance Commission has stated clearly that this year the focus is to encourage whistle blowing. I am filing these complaints to create awareness among the citizens of Karnataka , that such a day is supposed to have been observed under the guidance of the Chief Secretary to encourage and protect whistleblowers . The website of the Central Vigilance Commission also makes it clear that the copies to observe Vigilance week have been marked to all Chief Secretaries in the country and it appears that the Chief Secretary of Karnataka is more for protecting the corrupt than encouraging honest officers. Till yesterday afternoon,he had not sent any instructions to observe Vigilance Day. With officers like Sri Sudhakar Rao at the helm of affairs Karnataka has never observed Vigilance Day even once . It is no wonder that Karnataka continues to get branded as one of the most corrupt states in the country and the credit really goes more to the corrupt officers occupying important posts than anyone else. In fact the pledge on the website starts with We the Public Servants of India…If the Chief Secretary is not taking the lead in Karnataka , it means he considers himself as not a public servant. Then the question that arises is that whom Sri Sudhakar Rao is serving other than the public. What I am giving elaborates the role of officers like Sri Sudhakar Rao in shaming Karnataka. The Press who are also interested in the welfare of Karnataka should not keep quiet about this.
I had made public in April 2008 the criminal intentions with which both my husband and myself were being harassed by the present Chief Secretary for exposing the corrupt practices of senior officers ( after obtaining information under the RTI Act). When the threat by the present Chief Secretary sent by a written message indicated that he would not hesitate to even harm honest and sincere officers who worked with him in the past was received, my husband moved the Government to allow him to approach the CBI to investigate in depth the causes for harassing him. But no action has been taken on this. As threat to his life continues and considering what has happened in the last one month, I have filed a complaint today with the CBI against Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS to investigate the criminal conspiracy behind harassment and attempts on his life while he was under police protection in Belgaum.It is to be noted that out of the eight transfers in the last two year period, Sri Sudhakar Rao played a direct role in seven of his transfers as indicated by the information obtained under the RTI Act. Even the file my husband wanted to discuss with the previous Chief Secretary Sri P.B.Mahishi on 23/5/07 involving looting hundreds of crores of money in the name of the poorest people in fact shows that Sri Sudhakar Rao is also
involved .My husband has given this information to the Belgaum Police but the Police were afraid to take action against Sri Sudhakar Rao and a senior Police Officer in charge of security of my husband advised my husband to directly take up the matter with Director,CBI .
Sri Sudhakar Rao along with other corrupt officers prevented my husband from doing any work by getting all the decisions taken by the CADA Board stayed (as the Board had resolved to refer it to the Lokayukta)as it exposed the fact that in many works final bills were submitted when in fact not even a single paisa work had been done on the field. Further in another case more than 40 works bills had been submitted when not even 40% work had been done. My husband also exposed the fact that in many cases, during the previous years, more than 80% money had been looted in the name of farmers in certain category of works. All these have been brought on record in the statutory proceedings of the board by my husband on 18/1/08, 25/4/08 1nd 17/9/08 and have been even submitted to the Legislative Committee on Estimates. Chief Minister’s Office has also been informed. My husband was denied information and members were made not to attend the statutory meetings called by him. As obstacles to his work have continued even on this day, I am filing a complaint with the Lokayukta today against Sri Sudhakar Rao. What is important to observe in the present case is the fact that the information obtained under the RTI Act reveals that the Hon’ble Lokayukta Sri Santosh Hegde has been continuously informed by my husband about all these lootings.
I am requesting the Hon’ble Lokayukta to set up a special team to investigate into the corrupt practices of the respondent which has resulted in the continuous harassment and humiliation of my husband .I have stated that the proceedings of the CADA dated 17/9/08 could be used as the starting point for taking up the investigation. As for as harassment and attempts on his life I have approached the CBI.This will certainly help the honest and sincere officers who are being harassed for raising their voices against the corrupt practices of their senior officers. I do not want any honest officer to go through what my husband has faced. I will be putting the information I have obtained under the RTI Act in my website. To start with I have already put the relevant portions of the proceedings in my website Information obtained under the RTI Act reveals that my husband has taken up the matter with various authorities in New Delhi

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