Why People Should Know

Any fight against corruption should be well documented

My husband has documented for more than a decade his fight against corruuption . Most of the time Whistle Blowers who may document do not make it available to atleast those whom they trust. This gives an upperhand to the corrupt against whom such persons fight as they are confident that if somethng is done to the Whiste Blower, nobody else would be aware of it and they can escape.

My husband is fighting against corrupt practices of very senior officers. They have access to resources that could harm my husband. He has received such threats both directly and indirectly. Manjunath and Sathyendra Dubey have lost their lives fighting corruption. Any person fighting corruption cannot ignore these facts. It would be imprudent on my part to keep quiet at this juncture I want totake up independently my husband's efforts to fight corrupt practices. I do not want to miss any of the details of the evidence he has created and that became possible only after taking up a few of the issues he had raised independently by me.

The only mistake made by my husband is that for the first time in his career of 25 years , he sought repeatedly appointment with Chief Secretary to discuss the corrupt practices of his seniors . My husband has now documented his efforts and the harassments and he has met the Governor of Karnataka and the Lokayukta and informed them .This website is my effort to keep the people of India informed about an ongoing fight, so that it provides confidence and support to similar people who are genuinely interested in fighting corruption. This should also help to hasten the enactment of the Public Services Act and help to make better provisions for the whistle blowers. I am thankful to the Governor of Karnataka for highlighting the corruption in Karnataka, which my husband was also highlighting but not well publicized

Recently after he took charge as Regional Commssioner, Bangalore (but transferred within 20 days after posting) he introduced a system using the provisions of the Right to Information Act in an innovative way, where in public are allowed to see files without making any application between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm on every second and fourth tuesday of every month.He also planned to make web viewing of the file. These developments threatned many and he was transferred just 3 days before launch of the program . however, his efforts have been widelky reported and it is hoped that citizens will demand for its operation.You can visit the related website here

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing

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