My husband's letter to the President

My husband on 22/7/02 has sent a letter to the President of India through the Chief Secretary highlighting the harassment and humiliation meted to him for not becoming corrupt and for not closing his eyes to corruption going on around him.The following is my interpretation of his letter from my perspective.I am very familiar with all these things as I have taken all the materials under the RTI Act.

My husband has stated in his letter to the President that he is being forced to quit the Service for insisting to work as per the Constitution and as per the Service Rules by those in the Government of Karnataka who are brazenly shielding the corrupt. Initially only his life was under threat for having reported the serious corrupt practices of the senior IAS officers involving a few hundreds of crores of rupees and he did not care for his life and insisted on allowing him to work as required under the Service Rules. But the recent developments focus on harming me (wife ) (I have also taken up the fight against corruption and brought out serious lapses of the Chief Secretary).

Government of Karnataka created a record of some sort by issuing him 7 transfer orders in a nine month period to shield the corrupt and to punish him for having worked with absolute integrity. This was done in spite of knowing that both my life and his life were under threat for having lodged cases against the Chief Secretary Sri P.B.Mahishi, IAS with the Lokayukta. On Sri P.B.Mahishi’s advice the latest transfer has been made to separate me from my husband with criminal intention knowing that it increases risks to both of us. Both of us have lodged complaint against the Chief Secretary with the Police. As can be made out from the series of letters written by my husband directly to the Chief Secretary in the past one year, he has been continuously harassed and humiliated for reporting corrupt practices. He has stated in his letter that both he and I, together alive can be more effective in fighting the brazen corrupt practices in Karnataka.

. He has requested the President to initiate a detailed investigation based on all communications made by him including the complaint filed by him with the Hon’ble Lokayukta against the Chief Secretary so that honesty and integrity should not be treated as undesirable and the corrupt do not have the last say.He has stated that after making arrangements for my safety that he woulld report at Belagaum . He has also stated that as he cannot make such arrangements for a longer time, he has been forced to contemplate quitting the Service.

He has also written that he has repeatedly expressed in writing that he would not quit the Service but indicated that he would like to see to what level the DPAR headed by the Chief Secretary would stoop to shield the corrupt . On 23/5/07 during a meeting in my presence , Sri.P.B.Mahishi not only threatened my husband against pursuing corruption reports but also told him to inform the Lokayukta that he (Sri P.B.mahishi) refuses to take action against the corrupt but also shields the corrupt. This is further confirmed by the repeated refusal of my husband's repeated requests in writing to the Chief Secretary to refer his case by constituting a standing Committee as per the GOI letter issued subsequent to the murder of the Whistle-Blower Sri Satyendra Dubey to protect those who take principled stand.

All these and other incidents that have happened recently indicate that to shield the corrupt these people do not mind fatally harming my family. As a first step he has been transferred to Belgaum by these people (the same plan was adopted in September 2006 when I was transferred to Gulbarga). He has stated that his survival survival instinct has taken over and it has asked him to survive first as fight against corruption will be more effective only if both survive

Even though he can take decision to continue in the Service knowing that those who are shielding the corrupt are going to fatally harm him, but he does not want to take the same stand when I am also threatened, and hence he feels that he is being forced to quit the Service because of fatal threats to my family. Accoroding to him, as earlier said, fight against corruption will be more effective only if both of us survive

My husband in his letter to the President has made it clear that if no action is taken on his letter , then that letter it self should be treated as his three months notice of forcing him to take retirement by Sri P.B.Mahishi and other officers in the DPAR and other people( whose names my husband does not want to reveal as he does not feel safe at all ) who want to shield the corrupt at any cost

All these developments both of us have kept H.E. the Governor of Karnataka, the Hon'ble Lokayukta, Karnataka and the Chief Information Commissioner, Karnataka informed from time to time.

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