My complaint to President sep25

Jayashree JN, 25 /9/ 2009
*, Bangalore 560 *

Respected Your Excellency,

On 2/4/08 I had sent a letter to Your Excellency about the way Sri Sudhakar Rao, IAS Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka dishonored murdered whistleblower Sri Shanmugam Manjunath ( My letter was forwarded to the Home Ministry and nothing happened after that. It is unfortunate that such an officer is going to be a member of the Central Administrative Tribunal.

After the murder of Sri Satyendra Dubey, the Cabinet Secretary, in July 2004 issued a direction to Chief Secretaries of all States to set up a Standing Committee to protect honest and harassed officers. In Karnataka repeated requests to set up the Committee have been ignored till today and the Chief Secretary is solely responsible for non-compliance of the direction by Cabinet Secretary. It is sickening to imagine what sort of justice harassed officers will get as when such an officer is posted as a Member of the Central Administrative Tribunal.

As though this was not enough Sri Sudhakar Rao on 13/4/09 made his office send a threatening written message to me implying that honest officers who supported my husband would be affected. True to his words many have since then been troubled.. The email messages sent to the Governor Secretariat in Karnataka have enough material to establish similar things.

Sri Sudhakar Rao as Chief Secretary did not act in any manner to allow citizens to bring to the notice of the Government the corrupt practices at high level. I have been repeatedly requesting Sri Sudhakar Rao to place corruption cases before the High Level Committee on Anti-Corruption in Karnataka. Instead of taking measures to curb corruption (Year after year Karnataka is ranked as one of the most corrupt states in the country) he suppressed the fact that during the President’s Rule the corrupt officers had got it abolished and this came to light only after 20/7/09. Karnataka Lokayukta’s frequent briefing to the media makes it very clear about the magnitude of corruption in Karnataka.

Advocates of Karnataka have taken a decision that all judges must disclose their assets. Already all Supreme Court Judges and all Judges of some states have also agreed to put the information about their assets on the website of respective Courts. As the Central Administrative Tribunal has retired Judges as Members and as Advocates appear before them, the day may not be far off when the Tribunal Members also would be asked to disclose their assets. Unfortunately RTI applications filed in Karnataka would reveal that Sri Sudhakar Rao did not allow information about assets of IAS officers to be disclosed voluntarily as requested by the Karnataka, Lokayukta (I strongly suspect that there is a connection between an IAS officer whose assets information I sought under the RTI on 9/6/09 and that Officer’s VRS being accepted yesterday). My husband who is also an IAS officer was the first to disclose the details as early as on 30/8/06. My husband has given information about specific corruption cases to Sri Sudhakar Rao. But he has been harassed till today by Sri Sudhakar Rao.

I have information about brazen violations of Acts and Rules by Sri Sudhakar Rao. He is now appointed as Member, CAT only because of his influential contacts at high level and certainly not on merit as has already been reported in the media. It is unfortunate that such an officer is going to be a member of the Central Administrative Tribunal.

If the newspaper reports are to be believed tainted officers who were given jobs after retirement have brought disrepute to the institutions. As Sri Sudhakar Rao is going to take charge only after 1/10/09. I request Your Excellency to at least to immediately order an inquiry into my complaints. What is even worse is the fact that all the needed documents are available in the Office of the Chief Secretary itself. My website has more details.

I request once again Your Excellency (as requested in my letter dated 2/4/08) to give directions to the Ministry of Personnel Affairs to intervene and set right the damages caused by top corrupt officers in Karnataka.

UNDP in its Report: Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives released on 12/6/08 at Page 133 has mentioned about my efforts.

The Transparency International has observed my approach to tackle high-level corruption as very powerful in its report Anti-Corruption 2.0: What’s your say on corruption published on 31/7/09.

I request Your Excellency to direct all concerned to keep my residential address confidential

With Respects Yours Sincerely

Jayashree JN

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