Pressnote Delhi 28 /3/08

Press Note given after the Shanmugam Manjunath Trust Integrity Award Function on 28/3/08

The corrupt IAS lobby does not want other honest officers to raise their voice following the example of Vijayakumar

All the information given below are taken under the RTI Act / or are available in public domain

1. Normally politicians are blamed for all evils. But info obtained from RTI makes it clear that it is the corrupt IAS officers who mislead the politicians in Karnataka. In fact the Chief Minister twice took decision in favour of my husband about a year back. The then Chief Secretary had written a very long note suppressing threats to our family. This was overruled by the CM. In the second case, as per the newspaper report the Chief Minister after understanding the threats to my husband had taken certain decisions. But the corrupt gang of IAS did not allow the CM to reduce threats to my husband.
In the third case another Minister had asked the DPAR to take back my husband’s Deputation after being informed about the serious threats. That Dept sent ten reminders. But the DPAR again to increase the risks to my husband has not acted so far.

2. Even the Governor’s letter has been kept without action by the DPAR for more than one year. Previous Governor strongly spoke against corruption in Karnataka and directed the Government to encourage and protect honest officers. All his directions have not been acted upon till today.

3. My husband’s continued request for more than 18 months to refer the harassment and obstruction to a committee suggested by the Cabinet Secretary, GOI has been ignored till today. GOI issued this letter subsequent to the murder of Sri Satyendra Dubey in 2004 to help officers who take principled stand from being harassed.

4. By disallowing even attending the Trust’s function (forget about participation)- the DPAR has reduced this Trust to banned organizations. By dis-allowing even to attend, they have questioned the very integrity of the Trust itself. All those eminent persons who can influence decision makers can’t and must not ignore this grave insult to the Trust. What is even worse is the fact that this is the message given by the DPAR when my husband sought a message to be read out during today’s function as Sri Manjunath was from Karnataka. Incidentally Karnataka has been ranked as the fourth most corrupt state in India

5. Our Prime Minister has asked just joined IAS probationers to tackle corruption head on, when my husband with more than 26 years of Service is harassed and obstructed for doing the same. I request the Prime Minister to take note of ignoring this advice in Karnataka.

6. Lokayukta of Karnataka has been forced to make frequent requests through media to enable him to tackle corruption and in his own words it takes not more than an hour to issue an executive order needed for this purpose. But the corrupt officers have made Government to challenge Lokayukta’s serious recommendations. When Lokayukta who is statutorily appointed for this purpose is being obstructed , the rejection of my husband’s request to participate in this funciton is not surprising.

7. Now you may understand , why my husband, who perhaps is the only IAS officer in the country who has given assets details to be given to the public is transferred 7 times in 9 months and why in spite of knowing the risks to our entire family , DPAR is taking decision after decision only to increase the risks.

8. What is to be noted is the fact that an officer against whom my husband had complained about suppressing and distorting facts about 18 months back is allowed to continue even now and it is the same officer who has now prevented my husband from attending the function.

9. I request all eminent people gathered here not to allow repetition of this insult.

10. On behalf of all the honest people of Karnataka , I apologise for the disrespect shown by some irrresponsible officers in Karnataka to the Trust.

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