Quotes Ignored By The Head Of The Bureaucracy

Why Heads of States repeatedly speak about things known

Only Heads of States know the evil things going on in the system. If such a person keeps quiet, then the entire State is at peril. They repeatedly give warnings hoping that some action will be initiated by some person in the society. As those who do such evil things are thick skinned.

The following are some of the quotes my husband used in his letters. These seem to have made no impact on the Head of Bureaucracy.

Today my Secretary can write a note opposed to my views. I have given that freedom to all my Secretaries. I have told them, ‘If you do not give your honest opinion for fear that it will displease your Minister, please then, you had better go.’ I will never be displeased over a frank expression of opinionSardar Patel’s advice to Secretaries

Conscience is the light of the Soul that burns within the chambers of our psychological heart. It is as real as life is. It raises the voice in protest whenever anything is thought of or done contrary to the righteousness. Conscience is a form of truth that has been transferred through our genetic stock in the form of the knowledge of our own acts and feelings as right or wrong.

A virtuous and courageous person can alone use the instrument of conscience. He or she can alone hear the inner voice of the soul clearly. In a wicked person this faculty is absent. The sensitive nature of his / her conscience has been destroyed by sin or corruption. Hence he or she is unable to discriminate right from wrong. Those who are leading organizations, business enterprises, institutions and governments should develop this virtue of the ability to use their own conscience. This wisdom of using the clean conscience will enable them to enjoy the freedom. - Dr APJ Kalam, President of India given during the inauguration of the seminar on “THE EFFECTS OF CORRUPTION ON GOOD GOVERNANCE AND HUMAN RIGHTS

I firmly believe that we must set personal standards of integrity as public servants and the message should flow from the top downwards and not the other way round. - Extract from PM's speech at the foundation stone laying ceremony of CBI Head Office building January 18, 2006

Corruption is not merely a dirty, word. It describes a dirty act. We need to have a policy of zero tolerance towards all acts of corruption- Sri. T.N.Chathurvedi , Governor of Karnataka

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a few good men to do nothing - Edmond Burke

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