Information Sought By Me Using RTI Act

How info obtained under RTI has been used so far

Chief Secretary admitted that corruption is a low priority issue. Please see Indian Express 10 May 07

Established that the Chief secretary lied regarding transfer policy and discrimination Please see Indian express 23/5/07

Established that deliberate non functioning of high level committee on anti corruption

Established that Standing Committee was not constituted inspite of repeated requests. GOI had asked each State to set up such a committteee after the murder of Sri Satyendra Dubey

Established the fact that Chief secretary lied about a statutory function connected with directions given by the Governor

1.I filed my first application under the RTI Act on 25,November 2006. As I received wrong information I have filed a complaint with the State Information Commission. Interested people may obtain details of this case from the Karnataka State Information Commission.(Case No. KIC 1291 COM 2006). Based on this I have also filed a complaint of corrupt practices with the Lokayukta on 28/1/06. Even thogh the Information Commission directed the PIO to provide correct information by 12/5/07 (that is almost six months after making the application!!), information has not been given till 23/5/07. I was allowed to inspect files on 10/5/07. However the critical files were not shown .Next date of hearing fixed on 3/8/07. I have clearly informed the Commission that records have been tampered. But the Commission is too lenient.The information was sought to establish how officers who do not keep quiet about corruption are discriminated to shield the corrupt

2. I filed application under the RTI Act seeking assets and liabilities of the Secretary DPAR, who instead of taking action as per the advice of the Lokayukta to make assets and liabilities information of all IAS officers to be made available has not taken any initiative to do so in his own case. My husband was the first IAS officer to delare his assets and liabilities to the Lokayukta on 30/8/06 in less than 24 hours after the suggestion was made by the Lokayukta. Even though Karnataka has more than 200 IAS officers, it appears only two other IAS officers in addition to my husband have filed their assets and liabilities statement so far!. Appeal has been filed with the State Information Commission for not giving information sought. Observing that he worked in the State Service earlier, the Commission has directed to provide info as sought by me.

3.I filed another application to get details about the action taken by the Chief Secretary on the serious observations made by the Governor of Karnataka in his address to the Legistlators made in September 2006 in Belgaum.Reply received as per the instructions of the Chief Secretary is shocking , as Chief secretary has said that corruption is a routine function and that no information exists!! My appeal was heard and the Commission observed that it is a statutory function and directed the PIIO to provide information.

4 I sought information about the High Level Committeee meetings on corruption which were held by Chief Secretaries in the past . The PIO lied and said no info is available. I established before the Commission that such a Committee exists!! Commission has directed the PIO to provide the info sought by me

5 I have also sought information on the implementation of the directives given by the Government of India to protect officers who take principled stands. Commmission has ordered vaguely on this serious issue.

6. I have also details about certain irregularities in the Department of Public Enterprises. As totally incorrect information has been given, I have filed appeal with the Commission. Commission directed the PIO to bring all the files to the Commission so that I can inspect them on 19/5/07. But all files in which my husband has pointed out serious lapses were not shown. copies sought have so far not been given

7. I have sought information regarding introducing zero tolerant policy on corruption etc as directed by the Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka in his republic day address. As no information was not received , I have filed appeal with the Commission. Commission has come to the rescue of DPAR again and sent the application back to the office which had informed me that it did not deal with such issues!

8. I also sought information regarding transfer policy etc.As no information was not received , I have filed appeal with the Commission. Commission allowed inspection of files and it was established that the DPAR lied about everything.

9.I have also sought information regarding assets and liabilities. .As no information was not received , I have filed appeal with the Commission. Order will be prounonced on 29/5/07

10 I have also filed application seeking information from the Chief Minister's office regarding arbitrary functioning of the DPAR..As no information was not received , I have filed appeal with the Commission. But case transferred to DPAR again!

links to appeals in respect of sl no. 3,4,5 will be put shortly.Links to 7 to 10 will be also put shotly.

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