Chief Secretary Stop harassing us


Dear Chandrashekarappa,

I recieved a phone call from you this afternoon asking for our residential address. It sounded very peculiar because we have been recieving all warning letters and notices at this address
from the Govenment including Chief Secretary's office.Just to give an illustration, see Cif SEcretary's office ow letter No. CS/56/2007 dated 3/3/07 signed by U.R.Raikar, Personal Secretary -II. It is very unfortunate that the Chief secretary stoops to such low level and uses his own subordinates to harass us. When facts are like this, I was surprised to hear that the Chief Secretary's office did not have our present address. This sort of enquiry is only to criminally cause harm to us. After my husband reported corrupt practices of senior officers, there has been
continuous threats to our family some of which we already intimated to the Home Commissioner and the State Information Commissioner. IT appears that the Chief Secretary is directly involved as the person who threatened me particularly mentioned his name.

I am giving bolow and extranct of my husband'semail sent on 3/6/07

I had shifted from RPC Layout , Vijayanagar house to the place where I stay after a very serious incident happened after I reported the serious corrupt practices of some senior IAS officers to the Chief Secretary. These officers had defrauded public money to the tune of a few hundreds of crores. I requested for protection but the Chief Secretary never bothered and till today has not bothered. Later my wife also requested the Home Commissioner who it appears in turn asked the Police Commissioner to take action. A police officer visited our house and I have
given in writing about the serious incident and the reason for shifting from there.

Yesterday we learnt from the people who are staying in the house where we previously stayed that certain people with doubtful characters are enquiring about me stating that the address was
given either by the Chief Secretary’s office or the DPAR.They also told me that they refused to accept several letters supposed to be sent by the Chief Secretary stating that I no longer stay there. In fact even after informing the DPAR, DPAR used to send letters with bad intentions to my previous address . And this stopped only after repeatedly bringing it to the notice of the PAR.Now again it appears that both the Chief secretary’s office and the DPAR have resorted to this dirty act but this time it is criminal intention. I want this to be stopped immediately. I do not want my
present address to be given to any body by the Chief Secretary’s office, the DPAR and the C&I Department without my consent

After repeatedly seeking appointment with the Chief Secretary to discuss the corrupt issues he had reported, my husband was finally given an appointment on 23/5/07 at 12 noon . I accompanied him as I was worried about his physical safefy as no vehicle or security had been provided inspite of repeated requests. The Chief Secretary was clearly informed that both of us were there. I was
let inside but was not allowed to speak. The Chief Secretary humiliated me by refusing to speak to me when I raised the issue of corruption based on the information I had obtained under the
RTI Act. He kept on threatening my husband to stick to the Conduct Rules and not to investigate. The Chief Secretary who does not want to discuss corruption issues and whose main job appears to be to protect the corrupt and harass my husband who has saved (and
will save also )crores of rupees to the Government.

Chief secretary who has been let off with a warning inspite of causing more than a crore loss talks about using Conduct Rules against my husband just because I exposed his true acions agianst public interest using the RTI Act. Chief Secretary should immediately stop harassing us otherwise I know how to proceed further.

I am marking a copy to this to H.E. the Governor, Hon'ble Lokayukta and the Home commissioner. I will be also taking up the issue of humiliating me with the womens' right Commission.

For our own safety I am putting this email on my wesite

Please bring this to the notice of the Chief Secretary immidiately

Jayashree w/o MN Vijayakumar, IAS

5/6/07 2:30pm

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