My thanks to all who are supporting me...

My thanks to all who are supporting me and what further they can do

Dear all

I am writing this to thank all those who are supporting me in my fight against corruption. I would like to make the following request (email taken from the guestbook only I have access- I have marked bcc, if you are not interested, please ignore )

1. To participate in the forum one need not become a member. Any one interested can post message on any of the webpages or in the forum section either anonymously or by giving your email id.But those who want to initiate new topics will have to become members. Details are given in the section: instructions for joining.

2. I request all those who are interested to fight corruption to go through the categories in the forum section and offer your remarks. Many suggestions have been given through private messages, but it is desirable to post it in the forum section as any one in need can use it. I will be shortly putting all such suggestions received by me on a new webpage : Suggestions Recieved. This also helps others to know how they can participate and to improve upon suggestions already made.May also help to avoid repeating the same suggestions. Even sending the right quotation to motivate people or sending the right photo to create awareness about the evils of corruption help all of us to fight corruption more effectively.

3. Many have come forward with suggestions to improve the website, they have been requested to take such actions as they think to make this site more effective.

4. Many want to or already have given links to this webpage. Such initiatives are needed to fight corruption

5. Many have offered financial help and suggested many ways.This is to inform all such persons that this site only acts to facilitate the fight against corruption. If for any specific programs funds are needed, the concerned group on this website will then make a program and decide on raising finances.Before requesting for any type of resources, the group will make public as to the type of resources with justification. This is a site to fight corruption and it should set a model for others to emulate by setting up most transparent procedures. Even the justification for spending a cent/paisa should be allowed to be demanded by any person anywhere. Basically the website and the forum are so designed that each category in the forum acts to achieve the objectives with which the website has been setupby adopting the most transparent procedures.It would be better to seek sponsorship with direct participation for all its activities.More suggestions on this are welcome.

6. There is a section called issues for mass action. We would like to keep all interested through rs feeds.Because some of the issues may require immediate participation.Email intimation will also be sent to all those have shown interest to fight corruption.

7. There are specfic comments and suggestions made by many and I will be individually responding to such people.Any type of crticism from any person is most welcome

8. Please send link to the website to as many like minded people as possible anywhere in the world. Corruption is there everywhere, we can put our best effort to create awareness and fight corruption to the maximum extent possible by working together.

9. I also would like to thank many who have already taken up the issues .

Thanking you,

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