How long Should One Wait?

Even Senior officers today do not tolerate honest opinion

Today my Secretary can write a note opposed to my views. I have given that freedom to all my Secretaries. I have told them, ‘If you do not give your honest opinion for fear that it will displease your Minister, please then, you had better go.’ I will never be displeased over a frank expression of opinion — Sardar Patel’s advice to Secretaries

One reads quite frequently calls given by President, Prime Minister, Governor etc., on fighting corrupt practices. Existing laws may not make it easy or protect honest officers who act upon such calls Since the calls have been made with all sincerity, honest officers cannot ignore them either. . Some times the corruption is so brazen that such officers will have to act as per their conscience without bothering about whether they would be protected or not. As the system deteriorates very fast if not acted upon, the strength of honesty comes into picture during such occasions. Any person claiming to be honest should not wait for laws to be enacted. Today he is even hated by his seniors for his frank views. Under such circumstances, honest officers put their life at risk. As there is no legal help, the other family members should join the officer’s effort and use all innovative methods to give support to him.

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