Hon'ble Justice Sri Santosh M. Hegde, Lokayukta(Anti-corruption ombudsman), Karnataka, India,

Mr Robert zoellick, President, World Bank,

Mr David Max, World Bank, Projects,

& Mr. Roberto Zagha, Country Director for India

Copy to:

Dr Yadav, Director, . Government of India, New Delhi

Sri Ranganath SV, Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka,

The Integrity Vice Presidency (vide my complaint No. 000013922 dated 19/10/2009)

All Respected Authorities,

Thanks to the World Bank for sending me information about the approval given to the huge assistance planned

As I am part of a network fighting high level corruption in Karnataka, India , I am not clear with what purpose the information has been sent to me. As the information has ben sent confidentially, I have not directly replied.

But any how I would like to take this opportunity to warn the World Bank about certain things observed by our network as success of any such huge assistance depends only if there is clean governance. Corrupt Governments do more damage to environment and to the poor. This defeats the very purpose of the present huge approval given by the World Bank. The information about project assisted by World Bank are too cryptic and does not reveal the details needed to curb corrupt practices. Often, the information taken under RTI Act, physical verification of projects, information on Government websites do not match with the information on the World Bank Website . This is the reason why concerned citizens are unable to use the World Bank website information to give complaints against misuse of huge funds by the corrupt.

World Bank must insist India to ratify the UN Convention against corruption.. I request the World Bank to get inputs from Anti-corruption agencies like the Lokayukta wherever possible before sanctioning such huge assistance.What is worse is that world bank money has been used in Karnataka to buy legislators of other parties by destroying the very system of democracy - the worst possible corruption . I request the World Bank to put a small group to know about the the rampant corruption and harassment faced by whistleblowers by visiting my website

The High level Committee on Anti-corruption which was set up on 23-11-2001 as a pre-condition to get world bank assistance was stealthily abolished by corrupt officers on 2-11- 2007 when Karnataka was under President Rule. (no elected Government). Abolition was done on the pretext that the Lokayukta would be given more powers and information about abolition is given vide Government of Karnataka letter No. DPAR 123 AR 2009 dated 20th July 2009.This abolition was kept confidential by corrupt officers for almost 2 years till 20-7-2009 .The senior officer who gave this information taking ealy retirement cannot be a mere coincidence. As even today Lokayukta has not given more powers, a request was made to revive this Committee . The present Chief Secretary has refused to take action to either revive the Committee or give more powers to the Lokayukta. This provides double shield to the corrupt.
Even the Upa-lokayukta post which was handling the corruption cases at lower levels has been kept deliberately vacant for a long time. All these things have been done after the Transparency Intenational has been rating Karnataka repeatedly as one of the most corrupt States in the country. World Bank, India is not even insisting on revival of this Anti-Corruption Committee before sanctioning more assistance.

I am giving later an example of how World Bank funds given to the Health Sector have been misused in Karnataka. That assistance was meant to help poor unhealthy people !

Apart from openly supporting corrupt officers, the present Chief Secretary is totally insensitive and inhuman to aggrieved women. To show this ,I am reproducing towards the end , a complaint given by a Federation of Women to the Lokayukta against the Chief Secretary for not giving our Federation time to discuss women problems . What is very horrible to note is the fact that Chief Secretary not being able to give us time even after many requests made over the last nearly 10 months period. I would like to mention that I am working as Honorary President of National Federation of Indian Women- Bangalore Unit.

There is another information going around the Internet as per which the very high quality iron ore exported by the mining mafia in Karnataka is being used by other countries to make military ships which could be used against India. This is in addition to the environment damage already done and huge loss caused to Karnataka as given in the Report of the Hon'ble Lokayukta.

I am marking a copy of this letter to the Integrity Vice Presidency of the World Bank (in continuation of my complaint No. 000013922 dated 19/10/2009. ).

A copy of this mail is also sent to Dr Dayal Yadav who is working as the Director of a Group . This Group works under the President of India . The Supreme Court of India is its advisor.I request Dr Yadav to circulate this mail among all those in the Group

If the World Bank needs any other input I would be too happy to provide


Jayashree JN

1. Health Sector Corruption In Karnataka

I personally had given complaint about the rampant misuse of World Bank assistance given to Karnataka. I had even given file numbers to the Integrity Vice Presidency of World Bank. Later one of the young Journalist Student in our network unearthed the fact that while World Bank was informed about the completion of nearly 200 Hospitals as early as in 2007 but not even 30 Hospitals work had been started till April 2010. In fact such lies were put on the Government of Karnataka website till November 2009. Now the concerned Department has removed all those information from the Government website after our young Journalist friend visited various place sand physically verified the status of the projects. What is important to note is that these works which benefits only the very poor were stopped as the Contractors who got the work could not give bribe again after the new Government came into power. Even informing the present Chief Secretary did not help as he put another corrupt officer to head the Department. Another officer was also posted, that too against whom the Lokayukta (Anti-corruption Ombudsman ) had asked the Government to initiate action. In fact as though openly disrespecting the Lokayukta, the present Chief Secretary allowed that corrupt officer to sign an MOU in his his presence during a Global Investor Meet (there were other four corrupt officers who signed MOUs worth Billions of Rupees in his presence!!) . One of the people working in our network filed an application to get information from the Chief Secretary (Head of Bureaucracy) and that application has been tossed out o fhis office though he is supposed to be periodically monitoring such works

2. Inhuman and insensitive attitude of Sri S.V. Ranganath, IAS, Chief Secretary to the plight of poor women under distress


Before the Hon’ble Lokayukta, Karnataka

Sub: Appointment from the Chief Secretary

Ref: 1. Reminder sent to Chief Secretary for appointment dated 8/6/10

2.Reminder sent for appointment on 19/5/10 along with a copy of memorandum given to H.E. the Governor of Karnataka

3. Complaint given to GOI Vide Ref No. DARPG/E/2009/20948

4 Letter addressed to the Chief Secretary on 21/9/09 (intimating Chief Secretary's Office regarding not getting appointment)

Since Oct 2009 we have been repeatedly seeking time from the Chief Secretary to discuss important issues affecting women. We went to the Chief Secretary's office many times but we were not allowed to meet him on the ground that Chief Secretary was busy with meetings that too connected with flood. About a month later we sent another letter requesting the Chief Secretary to give appointment. But till today we have not been given any time (See Ref 1 to 3) But from what has been reported by the newspapers and the notices issued by the Hon’ble Lokayukta to the Chief Secretary, the reasons given appears to be false and and he appears to be insensitive women problems . We have obtained acknowledgments for the letters mentioned above from the Chief Secretary's office.

As timely action has not been taken on the issues raised by us, many innocent women are seriously suffering which are difficult to even imagine. We request the Hon’ble Lokayukta to direct the Chief Secretary to give time for discussing the very serious issues we have raised.

If we fail to get an appointment before 7/7/10 then we would be filing a formal complaint with the Hon’ble L:okatykta against the Chief Secretary

We are marking a copy of this letter to the Chief Secretary also. .

(Honorary President, Bangalore Unit) (General Secretary, Karnataka)

Copy to Sri S.V.Ranganath,IAS,

Chief Secretary, Vidhana Soudha Bangalore. With a request to give an appointment at least now.

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