My complaint against Chief secretary to Women's Commission

Before the Commisioner, Karnataka Women Commission, Bangalore.

Complainant: Jayashree JN, Secretary , Mahiti Hakku Jagruti Vedike

Residing at No 96,First Floor, RBH Road,KG Nagar. Bangalore 19

Respondent: Shri P.B.Mahishi, I.A.S. Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka

Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore 560 001

Complainant submits as follows:

Letter addressed to my Husband shri M.N.Vijayakumar IAS, from the Respondent dated 6/6/07 complains about a website launched by me. A copy of this letter is enclosed as ANNEXURE A.
2. Complainant reproduces a part of the said letter hereunder:

…It is also noticed that your wife Smt. J.N.Jayashree has launched a website which finds faults with the Government and criticises the Government on the basis of your experiences as an officer in the fight against corruption in Government offices. You are hereby called upon to also explain clearly as to weather the said exercise is undertaken at your behest and whether you subsribe to them and endorse them. It is needless to mention that for all legal purposes, husband and wife are to be considered as one unit, unless disassociated from each other. Unless you deny and disown the website it is presumed that it is website sponsered by you.

3. The letter cited above states that as a responsible woman, I ought to have not taken up the issue of corrupt practices unless my husband subscribes to it. This is nothing but questioning the capability of a woman in exposing corrupt practices without the help of her husband and projecting that woman is a dependent citizen on male and not a free citizen.Complainant hereby submits that she has used RTI Act effectively to get the material for use in her website.

4. The letter further confirms that my fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression are taken away by the Respondent just because I am the wife of an IAS Officer.

5. Earlier, I visited the Office of the Respondent and sought appointment. I met the Respondent in his Office at about 12 noon on 23/5/07, and when I opened up the issue of corrupt practices, the Respondent refused to discuss these issues with me and thus directly insulted me. It is to be noted that the Respondent is the Chairman of the High Level Committee on anti-corruption.

6. Complainant further submits that the following Witness may kindly be examined at the time of the proceedings before the Commission: M.N.Vijayakumar,IAS


1. The Respondent may kindly be directed not to interfere and obstruct Complainant’s fundamental rights of speech and expression.

2. The Respondent may be penalized for having insulted the Complainant and for Respondent’s act of violation of Complainant’s fundamental rights of freedom of speech and expression.


Dated 15/6/07 COMPLAINANT

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