International Anti-corruption Day

People swarm to celebrate all sorts of International Days, Why they do not observe anti-corruption day!

People observe all sorts of International Days(including Laughing Day!!) except anti-corruption Day. They do not find time to raise their voice against corruption atleast one day in a year. If we properly analyse,most of these days exist because of not addressing corruption. In fact, on most of the International Days, corruption should also be addressed if at all these days have to have any significant impact.

9th December is the International Anti-Corruption Day and as India signed the UN Convention against corruption only a year back , 9-12-2006 was the first International Anti-Corruption Day India should have observed this day with all the seriousness it deserved. This was a proper occasion for all like minded people to join together to fight corruption.At least we should plan from now itself to observe the Anti-Corruption Day on 9/12/07.

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