My complaint to the Worldbank for stealthily abolishing the High Level Committee on Anti-Corruption

Jayashree JN, 25 /9/ 2009
**, Bangalore 560 *

Dear Mr. Roberto Zagha,

As per news clipping on the Bank Information Center’s Website ( there is an article on the lack of transparency in the World Bank .It is stated that the bank remains too secretive to the people affected by its activities. In addition, they argue the bank isn't held to account for ensuring its projects help to reduce poverty and don't harm the poor.

I started a website ( to protect my whistleblower husband (MN Vijayakumar, an IAS officer from Karnataka with more than 28 years of Service) from being physically harmed by some corrupt IAS officers. UNDP in its Report: Tackling Corruption, Transforming Lives released on 12/6/08 at Page 133 has mentioned about my efforts. . The Transparency International has observed my approach to tackle high-level corruption as very powerful in its report Anti-Corruption 2.0: What’s your say on corruption published on 31/7/09.

I read in newspapers that the World Bank is being approached for money by the Government of Karnataka. In this connection I am attaching a Gazette Notification in 2001 (most probably issued as per the understanding with the World Bank at that point of time) constituting a High Level Committee on anti-corruption. It can be seen that the role of this Committee is complementary to that of the functions of the Lokayukta. While that Committee did not meet even a few times as its existence itself was not told to the public, during the search of the Government’s File monitoring system I came across two references to that High Level Committee. I used RTI Act but not much information was given. As can be seen from the notification that Committee was to take inputs from the citizens, and it also had Judges, Advocates and others as Members. I had made several requests to the Governor of Karnataka to make it functional as Karnataka was under Governor’s Rule (my letter to the Governor of Karnataka dated 21/5/07 to make the High Level Committee on Anti-Corruption functional was ignored but when I sent a fax to Governor on 2/11/07, the Chief Secretary had got that High-Level Committee abolished that too on the ground that the Lokayukta would be given more power in future(Till today an interview after interview Karnataka Lokayukta is complaining about not being given needed power and directly attributes it to the corrupt officers). The haste with which the corrupt IAS officers got such an important Committee abolished even before power could be given and the fact that the Committee had been got abolished on 2/11/07 was kept a secret for almost two years till 20/7/09 (Copy of letter dated 20/7/09 giving this information is also attached) show how these corrupt officers not only fooled the people of Karnataka but also the World Bank. The corrupt IAS officers have ruined Karnataka and made it one of the most corrupt states in the country. The role played by the present Chief Secretary (Who is unfortunately going to be made a Member of the Central Administrative Tribunal after retirement) is shocking and shameful. I am certain that he would have suppressed this information from the World Bank representatives. It is not clear what other things he would have suppressed. In this connection I am attaching a letter I wrote to the President of India to take action against him (Reference No PRSEC/E/2009/07752 for having lodged the complaint has been received by me from the President’s Secretariat.)

As you can see only such things have been done by the corrupt IAS officers occupying important posts to harass the honest to shield the corrupt. The World Bank when it deals with Karnataka should make all efforts to set these things right otherwise its money would make these corrupt officers more corrupt and vicious.

I request the World Bank to immediately insist on reviving the High level Committee on Anti-corruption as a precondition before sanctioning any type of assistance to Karnataka and see to it that none of the tainted officers are allowed to continue in any of the departments which requires assistance from the World Bank. World bank should insist that all senior officers who may have any say in World Bank projects must declare information about their assets to the public

World Bank should not be satisfied with getting a notification issued and later not caring about it when it is withdrawn. This amounts to silently supporting the corrupt officers to indulge in huge frauds fearlessly. I think the role of the integrity Vice Presidency is to nip such things at the roots.

I have sent a copy of this letter along with attachments to your Bank’s Integrity Vice Department gro.knabdlrow|eniltoh_snoitagitsevni#gro.knabdlrow|eniltoh_snoitagitsevni and also to Ms. Hema Balasubramanian. Case No : 00013922 has been assigned to me. As I did not get your direct email address I have requested Ms. Hema Balasubramanian to forward this mail to you.

I will be also putting this letter on my website.

I request you to keep my residential address confidential in view of the threats we are facing.
With Regards Yours Sincerely,

Jayashree JN
Mr. Roberto Zagha,
Country Director for India
The World Bank
70, Lodi Estate, New Delhi – 110 003

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